Which Season Is The Best For Productivity?


With the weather finally picking up and the view from the bmt promotions window looking much brighter, I’ve been pondering as to which season is the most productive for the majority of businesses.

Spring and summer are more likely going to benefit people whose jobs are outside as the days are longer, the land is dryer and more work can get done but, what about the average office worker who gazes out of the window through each season? Which season are they most productive in?

Productivity and sunshine

According to many reports and research articles the sun has both a positive and negative effect when it comes to productivity. Some employees experience a greater distraction from gazing out at the clear blue skies and sunshine. Other reports suggest that when there is plenty of sunshine employees work with greater efficiency. The bright light helps keep employee brains awake, alert, and focussed. The boost in productivity from sunshine could be due to employees wanting the end of the day upon them to enjoy the sunshine.

Productivity during the darker months

Some reports hint that cloudy weather produces fewer instances for distraction. When there is no sun light beaming through windows, employees stay more focused on work than what’s happening outside. Cloudy weather also accounts for employees admitting that they are tired and that their workload decreases. The lack of sunshine and darker workspaces can tell the brain to relax and start winding down for the day.

When you live somewhere that endures dull rainy skies and bitter cold snow-packed winters like the UK has this past year, the glorious sunshine will seem irresistible and there is no doubt you will want to be out in it.

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