Which Season Are Promotional Products Predominately Purchased?


Twenty years ago, promotional products were mainly purchased by companies around the festive season. Businesses would buy items to promote their companies and give them out as Christmas gifts to their loyal customers and any potential new clients. This fabulous idea is one that has carried on throughout the years. As times have changed, the promotional product business has grown significantly in the UK and Ireland. In 2017, in those two countries alone, over one billion pounds has been spent on promotional items.

Not all this money can be spent over the festive period so, when are companies purchasing their promotional products? Is there a particular period of time when businesses are investing in promotional items? A study by the Purple Club conducted using 2017 data has shown their findings:

  1. December is now the quietest month for purchasing promotional products. December generates approximately 49% of the enquiries of an average month. This is possibly due to many businesses taking a break for a week or two over the festive period and perhaps marketing teams are not focussing on promotional campaigns as much as other times during the year.

  2. January and February are marginally the highest months for promotional product enquiries in a year. This is potentially because staff have a fresh focus within the first months of a new year and companies are getting their marketing campaigns organised for the year ahead.

  3. Throughout the rest of the year there is minimal variance in monthly seasonality.

There may not be a distinct pattern to when branded merchandise is purchased throughout a year, but, it has become clear that buying promotional products is now a regular purchase for companies. Businesses are not just purchasing items to give a big festive gift at the end of the year, but they are buying for local events, exhibitions and to promote their products or services.

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