What Qualities Make The Perfect Promotional Gift?


In 2017, the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) conducted a survey asking members of the public what qualities make the perfect promotional gift? The results are below:

At bmt Promotions we are very conscious which products we sell to our customers and we want each product to meet their specific requirements. I’m going to delve into the BPMA survey results and show you how our promotional products match with the qualities that you require.

Usefulness (50%)

  • Definition of usefulness – the quality or fact of being useful.

The top quality that people look for in a promotional gift is usefulness. At bmt Promotions we have a variety of useful promotional items for all marketing budgets. From the budget branded Albion grip ball pen that can be used to scribble notes at a conference to the promotional medium jute bag that can be used to carry weekly purchases. There is the high quality Fibrestorm golf umbrella that’ll keep you dry on the golf course to the selection of branded highlighters and markers to use in brainstorming meetings. There is a useful product for any promotional campaign – just head to our website for a peek.

Personalisation (11%)

  • Definition of personalisation – the process of making something suitable for the needs of a person.

Whichever product that is chosen for a marketing campaign, companies want their branding to look vibrant. They want their business logo to stand out and stick in people’s minds. At bmt Promotions, we use a variety of ways to get your logo on your chosen products. Some of these include, digital printing, screen printing and embroidery.

Unique (11%)

  • Definition of unique – being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

Some companies want promotional products that are exclusive to them. At bmt Promotions we can produce many products unique to your needs. Some of these products include; bespoke chocolates made into the shape of your company logo and stress shapes in the outline of your business emblem. As these are specific items, we will need to create a personalised design, please get in touch at hello@bmtpromotions.co.uk for this.

Long Lasting (11%)

  • Definition of long-lasting – enduring or existing for a long period of time.

Businesses want to get the most for their money when buying promotional products and 11% opt for items with longevity. At bmt Promotions we have many long-lasting promotional products, that will stand the test of time. Some of these include items from our branded bag range, promotional umbrellas and our bespoke awards.

Audience Dependant (9%)

  • Audience dependant – products specific to the people you’re targeting.

Companies pick certain promotional products based on the audience that is being targeted. For example; if you were going to an education fair for hair and beauty students, a branded comb would be a relevant giveaway. At bmt Promotions we have an abundance of giveaways that are relevant to many sectors of business and education:

Branded Notepads and Promotional Pens – Education and Office Workers

Branded Umbrellas – Golf Clubs

Branded Parasols – Restaurants and Cafes

High Quality (8%)

  • High-Quality – Products that are very well made.

High quality promotional products received 8% of the survey results. At bmt Promotions we have a selection of top quality promotional items ready for branding with your bespoke logo. These include wireless power banks. Most of us have a device that needs a charge on the go and these are a practical, high-end product for this. We also have top-quality pens including the Biarritz ballpen made of polished brass and chromium, and bespoke notebooks like the the Phoenix medium notebook from the Ivory collection. This notebook offers a wealth of beautifully crafted features for a practical and durable companion ideal for notations or sketches at work, travelling or in your free time.

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