Ways to Use Promotional Bags to Benefit Your Business


Are you anxious that the leaflets, business cards and newspaper adverts that you have distributed aren’t having an ample impact? Maybe it’s time to change your tack and opt for a more physical approach with a larger promotional item for your potential customers.  A stylish promotional bag can be reused over and over again. Each time a branded bag is used it acts like a walking billboard, promoting your business as it goes.

Create desirable designs

If you create a design for a bag that is vibrant, it will catch people’s eye. If your business branding is alongside this your company name will become more familiar to people and more potential customers could come your way.

Raising awareness for a charity

Promotional bags are a great giveaway for a charity trying to gain some exposure. Cotton and Jute bags with the charity logo will be used by people on numerous occasions and the charity’s name will gain more publicity from it. If the charity’s supporters are willing to pay for a trendy designed bag then they will also raise some much needed additional revenue from the sale of them.

Send promotional bags out as a gift

We all love a freebie, so consider gifting a free promotional bag to your customers as a form of advertising. This promotional bag gift would work particularly well if you have a business reason to celebrate such as a new product to launch or a business anniversary. You may just be looking to increase brand awareness, so consider giving away free paper goody bags at trade shows and exhibitions.

Sell bags for life at point of sale

Selling promotional cotton and jute bags in your retail shop, vets or gift shop is fantastic low cost marketing activity that so many independent retailers can hugely benefit from. Many retailers have recognised the potential for selling branded bags to their customers. Consumers are happy to part with their cash for a bag if the price is realistic and the bag is well-designed.

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