Ways To Improve Your Weekly Team Meetings


A pop-up appears on your computer screen – your weekly team meeting is scheduled for Thursday.

What feelings does this conjure up? Excitement, fear? Team meetings can be vitally important in the workplace.  It’s a time to air any grievances, talk through your work load and ask for help if you need it. Team meetings can also create another feeling – boredom.

Here are a few tips on how to enhance communication, build or mend team relationships and keep the staff engaged during those weekly discussions.

Boost team solidarity with activities

Effective teams know how to work together so time needs to be allocated to team building activities.

Plan in your meetings a period away from work where some team games can be played, where morale is boosted. Having some branded t-shirts with a team name and your company logo will make employees feel more of a collective. These types of activities can show who the potential leaders in your team could be. Leadership giveaways in the form of engraved branded awards could be distributed to show your employees how much you value their inclination to lead.

Celebrate team achievements

If your team has hit a monthly target, exceeded expectations in a task or they have gone above and beyond for their customers, then reward them. A useful promotional gift such as a wireless power bank charger given out to your top employees will make them feel appreciated for the work that they do. It’s also a great advertising platform for the business as the company logo will be seen wherever the power bank charger is used. Acknowledging employees achievements at a meeting shows them they are treasured, and it gives everyone a chance to celebrate together. We all love being a part of a winning team!

Encourage group communication

Team meetings are a chance for everyone to have their say on how the working week is proceeding. Not everyone will want to be vocal during the meetings but encouraging communication by asking everyone to talk about the pros and cons of their week can help.

To encourage further communication in next weeks meeting, ask everyone to write down (with a promotional pen) some notes of the good, the bad and the ugly of their week in a branded notepad so the achievements and issues can be discussed at the following weeks meeting.

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