Using Promotional Products At Fundraising Events


For many charities finding the best ways to fundraise and stand out from the crowd can be a challenge. This is not to say that there is no money for your cause out there. According to the Charity Commission, in 2016 the estimated income of the UK voluntary sector was £73.1 billion. Charities earning over £5 million accounted for 1.3% of organisations and for 72% of total income. While just 39% of charities earned less than £10,000 per annum.

So, what are some lucrative ways to make some money for your cause? At a charity event fun and excitement go hand in hand with generous giving so, hold a fundraiser and supply branded merchandise!

Giving out the right promotional products is key to raising as much money as possible for your cause.

Give your attendees a memorable promo product:

  • If you want to keep your name in front of your supporters give out a memorable gift to each of them. A reusable branded Cherub Drinks Bottle and a branded chocolate souvenir would be a useful and thoughtful giveaway for your attendees. Both products could be branded with your charity logo and would create brand awareness whenever the items are used. Every person that attends your fundraiser could potentially donate to your cause, so a small gesture will always be appreciated.

Hold a silent auction with branded merchandise:

  • A popular way to fundraise is with a silent auction. When preparing for a silent auction, provide promotional items that specifically appeal to your supporters. Know your supporters’ price range and choose items within that range. A themed branded canvas bag laden with promotional goodies such as branded pens and pencils, bespoke notebooks and confectionary will be a great little gift for people to bid on. It will raise money for your auction and all the goodies will create brand awareness for your cause.

Thank your sponsors with a corporate gift:

  • If you want to make your fundraiser an enormous success, you will need corporate sponsorships. The fundraising organisation will receive help from companies, covering the cost of the event, while the companies get positive advertising from associating with a worthy cause. At the end of the fundraiser, give a little gift of thanks to your sponsors with a branded award. This will show them how much they are valued and will increase the chances of working together in the future.

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