Top 10 Promotional Products For Children – Part 2


Promotional products for children need to be fun, engaging and useful. The more a child uses a product, the more your business brand is seen. Leading on from part one of our promotional products for children, part two has some educational, beneficial items for the child and for your businesses marketing.

Promotional children’s wear

Are you holding an event at your business where employee’s families can attend too? Providing some colourful branded t-shirts for the kids as they arrive will make for a warm welcome. It will also create further brand awareness for your business as the children wear the promotional t-shirts out to play on weekend adventures.

If you’re looking to raise some money for your charity, selling branded caps, t-shirts and hoodies at a local event or on your website is a fabulous idea. These items can come in all shapes and sizes and will look great on both children and adults alike.

Promotional piggy banks

We all know, as we grow older the need for a little cash is vital. Help children save for their future with a branded piggy bank. Coming in a variety of shades you can have your business brand adorned onto the body of the pig in your company’s custom colours. Whenever the child’s pocket money enters the inside of the pig, your branding is there to be noticed.

Branded safety products

High-Visibility Vests

Safety with children is paramount. Especially when they are travelling around near Britain’s busy roads. If your business is attending an exhibition or summer event, the gift of a branded high-visibility vest for your customers and their children will be gratefully received. When the child wears their branded hi-vis vest they will be advertising your business around the streets of their town.

Bicycle lights

Children love to cycle and scoot around after school and at weekends and lights and reflectors are a great safety addition for their bikes and scooters. At bmt Promotions we can provide branded cycle lights, so the public can see the children coming and your branding too.

Promotional Lunchboxes

There was nothing quite as exciting as finding out what was in your lunchbox for the day when you were a kid! Would you have nice packet of crisps or had your parents just put fruit in there for you to snack on all day? It was always exciting getting a new lunch box each school year too. Which make branded lunch boxes such a fabulous idea. Coming in a range of colours, shapes and sizes with fun characters on them, there is a huge choice for all children. You can add your company branding and give some lunchboxes away at a local fair, national exhibition or gift them to schools or a children’s charity.

Branded balloons

The ultimate giveaway for a child! Whether your business is a restaurant, a small shop, a garden centre or you run a charity, all children love receiving a balloon from you. Your logo can be printed in full colour on foil or latex balloons and you can blow them up in store or hand them out to the kids, so they can practise blowing them up themselves. Either way, your business branding is being seen wherever the balloon is played with.

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