Top 10 Promotional Products For Children – Part 1


When you think of a promotional product recipient, you might picture an office worker with a branded mug on his desk, somebody out at a meeting with promotional pens in their bag or, a labourer dropping leaflets in doors advertising their new business. Not many companies think to advertise their brand to children.

There are many promotional products that can be supplied to children, and although offspring aren’t likely to be calling up and buying a company’s products or services, the branded item will be around the youngster’s house for the parents or visitors to see. Purchasing from the company may be something the parents consider in the future.

Branded Teddies

A popular choice for a charity raising funds and awareness is a promotional teddy bear. A cute little bear with your company or charity’s branding is a cost effective and eye-catching gift, guaranteed to raise some much-needed money. The small teddy we provide can also be made into a keyring for the child to carry around with them, creating further awareness.

The teddy bear can have your company or charity’s logo embroidered on its belly or, printed on a small t-shirt for the toy to look extra cute.

Bespoke branded stationary

Children love a new set of stationary to write and colour with and branded colouring pens and pencils are a fun and useful promotional item to give out. The next time you’re promoting your business at an exhibition, provide your passers-by and potential customers with some branded writing instruments for the kids. It will keep your company name in view in the recipient’s home and can be seen by visitors to the house too.

Promotional Notepads are also a fantastic giveaway for children. They’ll love to scribble on the fresh notepad with their new branded colouring pencils.

Branded bookmarks

For the young book worms a branded bookmark would make an ideal gift. They can be made from varied materials including, plastic, paper and leather and will not break your marketing budget! There are many designs to suit children’s age ranges and tastes too. Your company logo can be embossed or printed onto the bookmark, so your brand can be seen whenever the child begins dive into their story again.

Promotional chocolate games

For a quirky branded sweet treat for children, promotional chocolate games are the items to go for. At bmt Promotions we have games such as Chess, Checkers, Memory and Noughts and Crosses and the playing pieces are made of chocolate! The tin and the chocolate wrappers can be branded with your company logo. The wrappers are also printed with the playing pieces, so you can play the game a few times before delving into the delicious chocolates inside. The chocolate flavours come in milk, white and dark. Delicious!

Fun branded drinkware

Colourful, striking cups and reusable bottles with your branding are an ideal gift for children. The cup or bottle will be used many times meaning your logo will be seen each time the child has a drink. Reusable bottles are all the rage right now so keep the design quirky and fun and the child will want to use the bottle over and over again!

Read our next article for more great ideas for promotional products for children…

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