Three Qualities Of Branded Keyrings


As promotional products go, a branded keyring might not seem the most exciting item to send out to your customers but, there are a few reasons why a keyring with your company logo on is the way to go with your branded marketing.

The greatest promotional items all share three qualities. These qualities should always be considered when choosing which branded merchandise to send out to your customers. The cost of the item, the portability of the product and how practical the item is to the recipient.

Is a Keyring a cost-effective promotional item?

The cost of a promotional product isn’t always a crucial aspect when deciding what to buy to market your business, but it is a significant consideration if your budget isn’t unlimited. It can be a challenge to decide on the right product for your marketing needs, considering both quality and cost, but as there is a vast variety of keyrings available, there is always something for every budget. The promotional keyrings that bmt Promotions stock come in metal, plastic, PVC and leather, and there are an assortment of shapes, sizes and colours.

We also have promotional keyrings with extra functions including a tyre gauge, a bottle opener, or a small tool kit, to name a few. These keyrings are excellent value for money because they are also offering a little added function.Gifting promotional items that have added useswill mean the recipient is more likely to replace any comparable item that they currently own.

An example of this would be – presenting someone with a branded keyring and tyre-gauge. It is possible that the recipient will replace the keyring they already own, as the added functionality makes your gift more beneficial.

How portable is a keyring?

In a short answer, very. A greatbranded item is easily carriedaround, so that it can be used in lots of places, to create maximum exposure for your brand. Promotional items such as keyrings can be transported effortlessly in your bag giving themmore of an advantage to be seen than an office based promotional item. When a bespoke keyringgets noticed in front of other individuals, it createsattentionto the product, and the marketing message it conveys gets some interest too.

Is a keyring practical?

A keyring will be used several times a day. It’s there when you’re locking your front door to go to work in the morning, when you’re opening your car door and when you put your keys down on the local café table or at work. It’s a practical product that’s used often and, we all know the more often a branded product is used, the more exposure it creates. A branded keyring is highly successful in doing that and being an everyday item at the same time.

Head to bmt Promotions keyring webpage for our extensive range of practical promotional keyrings or contact us with your branded merchandise queries. We look forward to working with you.


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