The Versatility of Enamel Mugs


Enamel mugs are a popular promotional item. They are durable, visually attractive and make an impressive branded gift for lovers of the outdoors but, what is an enamel mug and why should you be purchasing some?

What is enamel?

Enamel is a material that is created by fusing powdered glass to a substrate and fired with additive pigments. Layering steel components with enamel protects it from rust, gives the material an attractive look, and assures health and safety during the use of enamel-ware in the kitchen.

The robustness of the enamelware is the result of firing at high temperatures (approximately 850°C). This makes the enamel durable, suitable for use on every type of cooker and makes it dishwasher-safe too.

Where can I use an enamel mug?

Enamel mugs are versatile. They are created for people who enjoy the outdoors and love to travel and be amongst nature. Enamel mugs work as well on a campsite as they do in a kitchen. If you try boiling water in the middle of nowhere you will see for yourself how useful your enamel mug is. Enamel mugs make great promotional gifts, especially at travel trade shows, camping exhibitions and bonfire events.

How useful is an enamel mug?

An enamel mug is the safest way to drink as it is a completely neutral surface which doesn’t react with any acids in food. It doesn’t contain any harmful elements either. As well as being able to use the mug anywhere, your bespoke branded design will not wash away as it’s also dishwasher safe.

Just don’t put it in the microwave!

Bmt Promotions enamel mugs

Our bespoke collection of enamel mugs include:

    • Inner Colour Coat Enamel Mug – This mug can have your bespoke company colours on the inside of the mug with a white colour on the outside. The mug is hand-enameled so each one is different.

    • Enamel Colour Coat Mug – This mug can have your bespoke business colours and logo on the outside of the mug for a vibrant way to advertise your brand. Dimples and dots are natural with enamel and add to its unique charm so, embrace them if you find some on your bespoke mugs.

  • Enamel Photomug – If you have a new product or an offer you wish to advertise these mugs can have the photograph of your product/offer printed onto them for you to distribute to your targeted recipients.

For a quote on some enamel mugs for your company or, if you would like some information on other promotional products available please contact us:

Website: bmt Promotions – your Branded Merchandise Team


Telephone: 01933 409489

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