The Popularity Of The Branded Wristband


The history of the wristband

Over the past 10 years, the silicone wristband has become a hugely popular accessory across the world. It all started back in 2004 when the iconic yellow ‘Livestrong’ silicone bracelet was introduced by US cyclist Lance Armstrong. Lance Armstrong’s goal was to raise awareness of cancer and to demonstrate his support to survivors of the disease. Since then, the popularity of this simple idea has exploded all over the world.

The average cost of a custom silicone bracelet is less than fifty pence. This low cost has helped these bracelets to sell, which in turn has helped numerous charities and causes with their fund-raising efforts.

Bmt Promotions wristbands

bmt Promotions wrist bands are a cost-effective promotional product for any business. Companies can include their logos, phone numbers and slogans to create a handy marketing tool to hand out at events and exhibitions. Making the wrist band colourful and eye-catching means people will notice them. This could start a conversation about your brand and lead to potential orders for your product or service in the future.

At bmt Promotions, we create custom made promotional wristbands. Our branded wristbands are much more than a stylish trend, they will indirectly advertise your business to individuals who come into contact with them.

Our customers love them!

Customers that we have sold out bespoke wristband too include:

  • Charities – Sold at a charity event, wristbands raise awareness and money for the chosen cause.

  • Festival Hosts – The date and name of the festival can be embossed onto the wristband, it can be given out on entry to the festival and is a great keepsake of the event.

  • Schools – Taking children out on a school trip can be challenging. It’s important to keep track of every child, and coloured branded wristbands can be a great safety measure. We can print or emboss anything onto the wristband and contact information is a popular choice for schools.

  • Allergy Identification – Many educational establishments have taken to using colour coded wristbands to make the lunchtime process with children who have specific dietary requirements easier. This is a fantastic way of keeping children safe as they show their wristband to the server, informing them of their specific allergy. A different colour branded wristband could identify a certain allergy – Red wristband means peanut allergy, blue wristbands means gluten intolerance, etc.

Variety of materials

The range of materials we use to produce our branded wristbands include:

We have helped many of our customers collate promotional gift packs to send out to their clients and wristbands are a fantastic addition these. Alongside promotional pens, notebooks, branded bags and confectionary, wristbands complete a unique marketing package which makes for a thoughtful, and useful promotional gift.

For a quotation on branded wristbands please get in touch:

Website: bmt promotions


Telephone: 01933 409489

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