The do’s and don’ts of branded merchandise marketing – Part 1


Promotional product marketing campaigns are as popular as ever with the total spent on branded merchandise reaching past the £1 billion-pound mark in 2017.

The do’s of using promotional product marketing

Think of your target audience

One of the first things to consider when purchasing any promotional products to give away for a marketing campaign is who you are trying to target. Find out what your potential customers would like to receive and find ways of giving them those products.After all, it is only when you can research and understand your audience that you’ll be able to connect with them.

Give useful products

Gift your potential customers products that are relative to the industry that they are in. Any product that is useful will be utilised regularly meaning that your branding will be see on a frequent basis. Promotional pens, branded bags and bespoke umbrellas are all useful items that will stand the test of time and enable your business branding to be seen on a recurring basis.

Make it easy to distribute items

You’ve picked your target audience, you’ve decided on what products you want to send out and now it’s time to think logistics – how are you going to get you products to your customers. If you are thinking of a mail-out promotional products campaign, your products need to be relatively small, so they can be packaged and posted through client’s letter boxes.

If you are considering giveaways at an exhibition, large bulky items such as hoodies may not be the best gift as people may not want to carry them around all day. A branded cotton bag with a few more goodies such as promotional confectionary, badges, pens and balloons would be much easier to dispense, and all the products will be appreciated and used.

If you are completing a large-scale campaign where promotional items are going to multiple addresses, shipping to each separate location is needed. Shipping bundles of promotional gifts to each site will make distribution effortless for the recipients. By working out the logistics in the early stages, the gifts can be distributed correctly, and both the supplier and potential client are happy.

Place your logo where it will be seen

Whatever products you choose to use in your marketing campaign,the positioning of your logo is important. The purpose of the product is to leave an impression and get people to remember you. If you can add your logo to a product more than one, do it: brand the paper gift bags on both sides, have your logo on the front and back of the polo-shirts and duplicate your logo on pens, confectionary and power banks.

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