The Advantages of Eco-Friendly Promotional Pencils


More and more businesses are taking steps towards becoming completely environmentally friendly by:

  • Mindfully recycling packaging and unwanted items.

  • Offices becoming paperless.

  • Lighting our workplaces with the most energy efficient bulbs.

  • Buying recycled products or, products that can easily be recycled once we have finished with them.

All in all, as a nation, we are becoming much less wasteful and are thinking about what is right for the land and sea around us, and the environment we want to live in.

Saying all this, we still need products and we still need to advertise our businesses. To become eco-friendly, marketing might not come in the form of a leaflet drop but of an email sent out telling people about the newest products and services. Useful products still need to be purchased however and going eco-friendly is the right thing to do.

bmt Promotions have many eco-friendly and recycled products available for branding with your company logo and none come as classic as the promotional pencil.

Our range of eco-friendly promotional pencils includes:

  1. The recycled mechanical pencil. This is a push-button mechanical pencil, that’s available in black or white, made from recycled plastic. Your business logo can be printed to both the barrel and clip for a fantastic eco-friendly promotional product.

  2. The recycled paper pencil is made from recycled paper with a painted finish. Available in a range of colours with silver ferrule and a pink eraser. These eco-friendly pencils are suitable for single colour printing only.

  3. The recycled plastic pencil is a lead pencil made from recycled plastic. This pencil is available in a range of colours with silver ferrule and pink eraser. The white version can be printed with up to 3 colours, while the rest of the range is suitable for single colour printing only.

All our eco-friendly pencils can be purchased in quantities of 250 and have a lead time of 5-10 working days.

The way that people view your business is important. With the growing trend in fighting climate change, now is the time to make your mark and promote that you are an environmentally aware business. Purchasing eco-friendly promotional products as giveaways to your customers or employees will show that you are committed to helping create change for a better world.

For more information on bmt Promotions eco-friendly products head to our website, send us an email at or, give us a call on 01933 409489.

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