The Christmas Party Countdown is On!


The Christmas Party countdown is on!

It’s less than 6 weeks until Christmas so hopefully your Christmas party planning is in full swing and,it’s only the final small details to be tweaked over these next few weeks. If you haven’t organised your annual Christmas get-together, here are a few ideas on how to arrange the perfect company Christmas party.

Keep it out of the office

One of the main rules of holding a successful company Christmas party is that you don’t have the party at the office. If your colleagues are drinking a little wine or nibbling on a canapé at their place of work then they are less inclined to have fun and switch off from the day-to-day and, will inevitably end up discussing work.You can however, have a little bit of work at your Christmas party in the form of a branded Christmas gift. Why not a promotional mug or branded pen set to say thank you to your esteemed colleagues for all of their hard work?

Go for a festive lunch

Christmas parties tend to be evening affairs with lots of alcohol consumption and some dodgy dancing from someone in the accounts team. Sounds like fun but, if you want a smaller, more civilized affair, why not head out for a lunch with your colleagues and lap up the turkey with all the trimmings and be back in the office in the afternoon?

Change your setting every year.

Whatever you typically do, change it each year. You can get more and more inventive with each party. You could host a bowling party, a disco, afternoon tea or a wine tasting event with lots of nibbles all around the theme of Christmas.Top off your party with a branded gift bag of goodies for each employee.

Invite the family

Christmas parties are always more enjoyable when the family are invited along too. It means no-one is left out and your colleagues are more likely to come if they can bring a Wife, Father or Sister to accompany them. It’s also a great way for your fellow workers to meet some of your family and get to know you a little better.

Add some yuletide games

Games are a great way to break the ice at a Christmas party. You could play ‘decorate the christmas tree’ and whoever’s is best wins a prize or, you could giveaway some branded games as a gift to your colleagues for working so hard all year round. Take a look at bmt Promotions branded Chocolate games for gifts for your employees this festive season.

Whatever you decide to do this year, or next, add a little promotional gift for your colleagues as a thank you for all theirefforts. Head to bmt Promotions website for a peek at the products we can add your branding too.

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Promotional Products for A Bonfire Bonanza

Some of the wondrous sights and sounds that I love about bonfire night are; the crackling sound of the huge fire, the swirling colours of the Catherine Wheels, the smell of the hotdogs with fried onions, a warm hot chocolate and the explosions in the night sky of the last few fireworks that top off a magical evening.

If you’re a company running a firework event, or any outdoor occasion, and you want to promote your brand at the same time here are my top 5 promotional items for you to get your hands on.

1. Promotional Umbrellas

The British weather can be unpredictable as we know, and keeping dry cannot be guaranteed at outdoor events! The perfect problem-solving product, a promotional umbrella! Bmt Promotions can produce small or large umbrellas branded with your company logo.


2. Thermal Travel Mugs

Spoil your event goers! Your customers can enjoy a hot drink on a cold autumnal evening event in their own promotional mug. It’s a gift that can be taken away with them meaning extra exposure for your brand. Thermal mugs come in many sizes and styles and can branded with any company logo.


3. Branded Hot Chocolate Spoon

What a treat! A spoon with chocolate attached. All you need to add is hot water to a mug (a branded thermal mug!) and it makes for a delicious warm drink on these cold nights. You can add a full colour printed logo to a label on the spoon so your customers know where it’s come from.


4. Promotional Fleeces

A perfect way to keep outdoor event goers warm this winter is with a branded hoodie or fleece. Bmt promotions can attach your logo in many ways including embroidery and printing. The fleeces and hoodies come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. There are so many to choose from!


5. Branded Raincoat in a keyring

The ultimate quirky giveaway at an outdoor event is a branded raincoat in a key ring. The key ring has a small ball attached to it, the ball comes apart to reveal a rolled up raincoat. This is a perfect promotional item for the erratic British weather. Bmt Promotions can brand the keyring ball orthe raincoat itself.


To take a look at the range of promotional products bmt Promotions provides, please get in touch.

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