Charity Merchandise – Why It Works


If you see many people out and about today wearing shades of cerise, crimson and rose, there is a brilliant reason. Today is ‘Wear it Pink’ day, raising awareness about Breast Cancer by the charity Breast Cancer Now. The aim to is increase awareness of the disease, raise some money and help fund life-saving research in the hope that by 2050, anyone diagnosed with breast cancer will survive. A very strong statement.

The idea that everyone wears something pink is very powerful. If you see countless people wearing the same colour walking around your town, you’ll undoubtedly question why. You may potentially research  this online and details of the awareness day will appear. Awareness is raised and the charity have done their job very well!

Charities have a challenging time raising money as there are so many around the world all looking to acquire the same thing, awareness and money for their cause. To entice people to part with their hard-earned money charities need to come up with ideas to grab the public’s attention. Days like ‘Wear It Pink’ and selling merchandise are two of the ways to do this.

How Charity Merchandise Works?

Charities do not have bags of money, so fundraising events are a key to their success in bringing in some revenue. At these events huge varieties of merchandise can be sold and when purchased, cash is raised for important research that needs to be carried out in the specific field.

If you see people wearing a charity badge with their emblem or, wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a charity logo awareness is being raised of the specific charity and the work that they carry out. The more awareness that is raised the potential for it encouraging new donors is much higher!

Bmt Promotions has worked with many charities helping to inspire best ideas for merchandise to get the outcome the charity needs.

Merchandise ideas

  • Teddies
  • Keyrings
  • Trolley Coins
  • Pin Badges
  • Mugs
  • Pens
  • Umbrellas

If you require assistance with some merchandise ideas for your charity, bmt Promotions can help.

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Every Daffodil Counts: Marie Curie




March is here and it’s the month of the Daffodil. Therefore, we are proud to be working with Marie Curie, the national charity that specialises in giving care and support for people living with any terminal illness. We have recently supplied them with a large quantity of Marie Curie pens, which will be supplied to their network of over 500 fundraising support groups across the UK. These volunteers will use them on an ongoing basis as giveaways to their local supporters and donors.

Promotional Pens are the gift that keeps on giving because they are not only useful and reliable, but these specific ones will have the Marie Curie brand on so more people can become aware of what amazing work the charity does for people, giving them the brand recognition they deserve.

Marie Curie have been providing vital care and support for people living with terminal illnesses and their families for over 65 years and in 2016 alone, they cared for over 40,000 people across the UK. For every £1 Marie Curie raises, these go towards helping people living with terminal illnesses and their families by giving them the support they need the most. Without their supporters, they wouldn’t be able to provide vital care and support to the people who need them at an extremely difficult time.

Jack Thomas, Managing Director of BMT commented:

“I am delighted to be working with such a prestigious organisation as Marie Curie. They have over 2,000 nurses and 9,400 regular volunteers. We are producing a large volume of promotional pens for them, and in the past have produced other promotional items such as t-shirts, cotton shopper bags and umbrellas. These types of promotional items are great for brand awareness which is key to sustaining the support & care they give to over 31,000 people every year”.

So what can you do raise awareness and support Marie Curie?

Support the Great Daffodil Appeal – By supporting the Great Daffodil Appeal, you will be helping nurses across the UK to care for people living with a terminal illness. Whether you donate online, in your local charity shop or simply popping money into a Marie Curie pot to purchase a daffodil to wear; anything makes a huge impact.

Organise an event – Do something within your local community to raise awareness and money for Marie Curie. You can be as creative as you want; organise a bike ride, an event, take part in a run or you can find what’s going on in your local area on their website.

Donate to Charity Shops – For all the bargain hunters who love to shop, you can visit a local Marie Curie charity shop and anything you spend within the shop is donated to the great services they provide to people who need it most. If you’re thinking of having a spring clean, then why not drop off anything you no longer need into your local charity shop? By donating a few pre-loved items, you can help fund crucial nursing care.

Volunteering – Become a volunteer for Marie Curie where you can join thousands of people who donate their time, skills and enthusiasm to support people living with terminal illnesses and their families. Without volunteers, Marie Curie would not be able to deliver the range of services and support that they do.

To find out more about Marie Curie and the amazing work the charity does, visit their website

Or if you’re looking to gain some brand awareness, whether you’re a business or charity big or small, contact us today and see what we can do for you: 01933 409489.