Zooming Into Christmas With Running Mate

Succulent turkey, homemade gravy, a few extra spuds and some Christmas pudding. Oh, and not forgetting plentiful chocolate oranges! This is the delicious food the bmt Promotions crew will sure to be filling our faces with this Christmas and, we will be relishing in it. The last thing we want to do is pile on too many pounds though, and this is where our wonderful customer Running Mate comes in. Susan from Running Mate believes that absolutely anyone can run, and can enjoy it and, what better way to burn off those mince pies than a jog in the fresh air.

Here are Running Mates replies to the bmt Promotions Q&A on business and Christmas:

How has 2017 been positive for you in business?
More and more runners coming to join us, and our first ever marathon finishers. And the sense of friendship and fun in all our groups, it’s more than just about running for us, we’re a Running Mate family.

What difficulties have you faced in business in 2017?christmas
Never enough hours in the day!

What are your hopes for your company in 2018?
That people keep enjoying what we do, keep running, keep surprising themselves with what they’re capable of.

How will you be spending your time over the Christmas break?
With family, and hopefully some of it with my feet up!

Which Christmas tune makes you turn your volume dial up?
Wham – Last Christmas

What’s on your Christmas wish-list this year?
For my children to learn what a lie in is! Also, there’s no such thing as too many trainers…

Do you have a favorite festive film? If so, which one?
Santa Claus the movie

What’s the worst Christmas present you have received?
I’m sure there must have been one, but I honestly can’t remember!

What is your favourite Christmas tipple?
Has to be prosecco!

From all at bmt Promotions, Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year to you!

A Christmas Q&A with Coo-Var


It’s busy in the bmt Promotions office at this festive time of year but, with just over two weeks to go until Christmas Day all of us here are well and truly in the celebratory spirit! Last week’s Christmas question and answer session with our Director, Jack went down a storm, so we thought we’d get our customers involved in some of the yuletide fun too.

Here’s Danielle from Coo-Var, the paint and coating specialists with her answers to our Christmas questionnaire:


Q. How has 2017 been positive for you in business?

Well, we are all still here, so I guess that’s a positive!

Q. What difficulties have you faced in business in 2017?

In our department, it was a real struggle to assign someone to tea maker… but I did the right thing and stepped up to the job. It was a difficult decision but the best all round as I clean the cups thoroughly and now found a new hidden talent which I never knew I had.

Q. What are your hopes for your company in 2018?

That we continue to be a happy working family!

Q. How will you be spending your time over the Christmas break?

Putting on weight and enjoying family time.

Q. Which Christmas tune makes you turn your volume dial up?

All of them!

Q. What’s on your Christmas wish-list this year?

Ooooooh…. I’d love a new hoover!

Q. Do you have a favourite festive film? Yes

If so, which one? ELF!!

Q. What’s the worst Christmas present you have received?

Cooking utensils from the boyfriend on Christmas. Nothing says I love you like some large spoons.

Q. What is your favourite Christmas tipple?

Anything alcoholic!

Thank you, Danielle. We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We hope your stocking is filled with lovely treats and not spoon this year!


A Christmas Q&A with bmt Promotions Director

It’s December and it’s time to get a little festive in the office! We’ve opened day 1 of the advent calendar, put up a Christmas tree, and we have yuletide tunes blasting from the radio. I’ve nabbed our busy Director at BMT Promotions, Jack Thomas to talk about business in 2017 and all things Christmas.


How has 2017 been positive for you in business?

Most significantly, we brought our search marketing operation in house & took on a dedicated employee to oversee our digital marketing activities. We are receiving lots of new business across a wide range of sectors, and our year on year turnover has increased by 34% which is very encouraging heading into 2018.

What difficulties have you faced in business in 2017?

Other than the odd computer/server problem, one occasion resulted in me not leaving the office until 3:30am – and we were leaving for the airport for our summer holiday at 6:00am! Aside from these minor difficulties, we were approached with an acquisition proposal earlier in the year which was a big crossroad in both personal & business life. Ultimately, the deal was not right for us and we continue on our path of internal growth.

What are your hopes for your company in 2018?

Our new website will be launched in January, which we are really excited about. We are looking forward to working with our existing customers, and continue to add to our customer base through 2018 & beyond.

How will you be spending your time over the Christmas break?

With my wife, son & dog in a cottage in Yorkshire. Plenty of walks & quality family time. Time to relax, reflect & re-charge ready for 2018.

Which Christmas tune makes you turn your volume dial up?

Step into Christmas – Elton John

What’s on your Christmas wish-list this year?

Terrys Chocolate Orange!

Do you have a favourite festive film? If so, which one?

Home Alone

What’s the worst Christmas present you have received?

Whisky flavoured Fudge

What is your favourite Christmas tipple?

Kraken Spiced Rum

Preparing Your Business Goals For 2018

In the run up to the festive season in business, there always seem to be a lot to do. Deadlines to hit, orders to fulfil in time for many companies having their Christmas break, the 2017 goals still to achieve and goals for 2018 to set.

At bmt Promotions we are looking forward to some business changes within the next year and have started planning our New Year goals. Here are a few ways on how to get ready for 2018:

Set descriptive business goals.

Write down your business goals on a piece of paper or white board at work and try to visualize them. Your goal could be to make a certain amount of profit within 12 months. Think of that money and what could be done with it. You could invest the money back into the business or buy yourself something if you achieve the goal. Visualizing your goal will give you the motivation to achieve it.

Design a plan and act on it.

To achieve any business goal, you will first need toplan on how you are going to accomplish it. If you want to make a certain amount of profit within 12 months, you will need to come up with a list of steps on how you are going to get to this goal.

Set realistic, time-based goals.

Not all business goals have to be about the big picture at the end – That can seem a daunting task to achieve! Break up your goals into smaller ones to accomplish each week or month, that way, the end goal doesn’t seem so far away, and you feel like you are progressing on a regular basis.

Track,Analyse and Amend

To succeed in achieving your goals your will need to track and analyse your plan on a regular basis to ensure that you are on the road to success. Set yourself up with a spreadsheet to keep up to date with all your key figures so you know how well you are progressing in attaining your goal and if the plans not working, re-think and amend!

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Five Branded Mugs To Market Your Business

Branded mugs are a great promotional tool for many companies. They are affordable, substantial and offer vast variety. You can easily distribute promotional mugs as giveaways to your customers to raise the exposure of your business and get your brand seen. Have a peek at the promotional cups and mugs we can offer for your company marketing.

Colour Match Mugs

  • A Durham style mug with an exact colour-match to your company’s logo.

  • The inside of the mug is white.

  • Your company logo design is screen overprinted.

  • The mug base can also be printed in one colour

  • Available with Gloss, Matt or Neon finish.

  • A great promotional mug for an office environment and one of bmt Promotions most popular mugs supplied to our customers.


Espresso Cups

  • Espresso size china mug for that shot of coffee in the morning.

  • Great for use with most coffee machines

  • White in colour has a smooth, straight edge.

  • Full Top to Bottom photo quality print

  • Glossy finish

  • Great for any office or meeting room with a coffee machine. They’re also a fabulous branded giveaway gift for your customers.


Chalk Mugs

  • ‘Sparta’ style mug.

  • Black chalk board material.

  • Comes with a piece of chalk so you can write your own message on.

  • Your company logo can be printed on the mug.

  • A fantastic promotional item for teachers in a school or staff at a local council.


Plastic Tumblers 

  • A great promotional itemand giveaway to children.

  • You can print your company logo on the tumbler.

  • Comes in a variety of colours including purple, red, blue and green.

  • Can be supplied in clear form or glittery.

  • These tumblers would be a great branded attribute into any nursery or infant school.


Thermal Travel Mugs 

  • A handle-less travel-mug has a double skinned body that traps air between helping a drink retain heat for longer.

  • The thermal travel mug can be colour-matched exactly to your company logo.

  • Comes with a screw on lid to avoid spills.

  • Can be supplied in a gloss or matt finish.

  • A fantastic branded item for any outdoor worker, a farmer, construction worker or gardener.


Take a peek at bmt Promotions branded mugs and cups and contact us with any queries or for a quote.

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Why Promotional Pens Can Mean Profit For Your Business


Promotional pens are a popular choice when it comes to brand recognition during marketing campaigns. They are easy to carry and can be simply distributed to potential customers and handed out at fund-raisers and exhibitions and, absolutely everyone can make use of the item.

Here are some other reasons why you should up your investment in branded pens.

Increasing Brand Recognition

Promotional pens are a modest tool but one that can assist in increasing the awareness of your brand. You can intentionally tailor branded pens by adding your logo and company name to the product, ensuring that your brand name stays in the front of the mind of your customers and potential clients. A vast number of bespoke branded pens can be made in one consignment, which provides your company with boundless exposure.


Promotional pens are exclusive in the fact that almost everyone uses or needs a pen for day to day tasks.Your brand will pop up in a customer’s mind each time he or she writes down a single word!Investing in promotional pens means that the products won’t go waste and will provide great exposure for your company.

Great budget products

Promotional pens are a perfect way of marketing your brand whatever your budget may be. You can invest in the higher end vector roller balls with its respected reputation and superior finish or, depending on budget, the contour promotional pen that are sleek,trendy and a simple and cost-efficient way to promote your marketing campaign.

Here at BMT we can offer you a wide range of promotional pens. We have printed ball-pens, engraved pens, low-cost budget pens, promotional metal pens, pantone matched ball-pens and high end corporate executive pens.

Please get in touch for a quotation or to discuss designs.

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Promotional Umbrellas For A Winter Washout

Promotional umbrellas are a fantastic way to advertise your brand during the wet winter months. When it is pouring with rain on your way to a business meeting or event, pop up one of your branded umbrellas and let the passersby see your company logo. Promotional umbrellas are great giveaways for your customers too! When your customers use promotional umbrellas, they become a walking advertisement for your business, building brand awareness without you occurring additional advertisement costs. With bmt Promotions branded umbrellas you can choose your design, quantity and style of umbrella based on your budget.

Here are a few types of umbrella that bmt Promotions can produce for you with your company branding!

Branded Golf Umbrellas

  • Ideal for hospitality events or high-end gifts to clients

  • Golf umbrellas are used for size and sturdiness.

  • Larger area for your company logo and your promotional message

  • Bmt Promotions have a vast range of promotional golf umbrellas in many colours.

  • We can pantone match your logo with a promotional golf umbrella


Bespoke City Walking Umbrellas

  • Slightly smaller than a golf umbrella

  • Great for crowded environments

  • The majority have an auto opening function

  • City walking umbrellas can be fully customized

  • Bmt Promotions can supply many design options

  • Select your material type from a small range

  • Premium and durable for repeated use


Promotional Telescopic Mini Umbrellas

  • Branded Telescopic umbrellas are small enough to carry in a bag but also big enough to still keep you dry

  • Lightweight and versatile

  • Great for a promotional giveaway

  • Huge design modifying options


All bmt Promotions umbrellas come in a variety of colours, handle choices and printing methods.


To see bmt Promotions range of bespoke branded umbrellas please head to our website


or get in touch for a quote or design assistance.

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It’s Scary Running Your Own Business!


There are no ghouls, demons or ghosts in the bmt Promotions office but, there is always something bubbling, like a witch’s cauldron. As much as we love it, running your own business can also be slightly scary for us, here are a few reasons why:There are no ghouls, demons or ghosts in the bmt Promotions office but, there is always something bubbling, like a witch’s cauldron. As much as we love it, running your own business can also be slightly scary for us, here are a few reasons why:


All the decisions that are made regarding the products we sell and market, how we advertise and communicate with people, where we choose our office to be and how many hours we work each day, as the owners, are totally up to us. We are accountable for everything that happens, good and bad, that can be daunting yet very exciting and rewarding.

Fear of the unknown

The promotional products industry is vast and ever-changing. Bmt Promotions need to be able to keep up with the changes and develop innovative ideas to improve our business continuously. We have many ideas floating about and it can be problematic to know which ones to pursue and which we think will work for our business. Uncertainty can creep in and here at bmt Promotions we can deliberate if our ideas are good enough but, the motivation to succeed overrides this. Brainstorming sessions seem to work wonders when we’re having any creative issues.

Increased competition

It is very simple to set up a business these days. There is no requirement for an office or warehouse immediately, all that’s needed is a domain name and you’re away! There are many promotional product companies out there doing an excellent job. The competition is huge and maintaining a presence in this industry is a challenge, but one that we thrive on and one that we will continue to work hard at upholding. We love overseeing our family run business and wouldn’t change a thing.

“Fear is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in the way of progress. In overcoming our fears, we can move forward stronger and wiser within ourselves.”

For all your business promotional products requirements please get in touch!

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Hassle free brand promotion




BMT Promotions has been supplying businesses across the UK with promotional merchandise for the last 8 years and put supply chain management at the centre of their business operation.

Many businesses may invest in branded merchandise at the start of their venture, then as the workload increases it drops down the priority list. In reality this shouldn’t be the case. As your business grows you should promote your brand more.

With advances in printing technologies the variety of available merchandise is not only vast, but also more affordable. The BMT team make it their job to find the right product for their clients’ requirement or marketing activity. They achieve this by understanding the objective of the exercise.

Approximately 6 years ago BMT was let down by a UK supplier. This indirectly lead to them speaking to a manufacturer in China, which looking back was a significant turning point for the business.

Dealing with this particular manufacturer opened the door to a twenty strong network of others including an introduction to a specialist manufacturer. BMT now has full control over its supply chain, providing confidence in delivering a great customer experience.


“A recent job was for 500 branded lanyards with card holders costing 75p + VAT (including delivery). They arrived 10 days after the order was placed. Other companies in the UK may turn around the same order quicker, but when the prices were compared they were 42% more expensive on average”

BMT’s buying power and supplier choice can provide some very attractive price points, meaning you don’t have to find lots of extra budget to do some form of promotion. These activities are really well received by clients and your internal team, sometimes putting a little life back into marketing activities.

If you want to explore what could work for your business or have any questions about products available, call the team 01933 409489 or email hello@bmtpromotions.co.uk