Staying Safe – Re-Opening The Food, Catering And Entertainment Industries


Pubs, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues have been one of the hardest hit industries during the Covid-19 pandemic. As the time approaches to re-open many venues, strict safety measures have to be implemented to keep staff and customers protected from the virus.

Social Distancing

To control the spread of the Covid-19 virus, social distancing measures will still have to be put into place in all pubs, restaurants and cafes. Social distancing signage outside and inside the venue will help to remind people to keep a respectable space between themselves and other customers. Floor stickers around the venue indicating the distance that people should adhere to are a great idea to help keep people safe too. For a specific floor sticker design, give us a call on 01933 409489.

Re-opening Information

Details regarding re-opening information can be distributed to the local area in the form of leaflets or posters up on town or village noticeboards. Information containing what date you are intending on opening up your business, your social distancing rules and what equipment you have within your building to keep people sanitised and safe should ideally be included. For leaflet design and production for your business, just email

Keep Hygienic

Good hygiene is vital in the food and entertainment industry already and will be even more important as these businesses begin to re-open. Bespoke handwashing instructions placed in the bathrooms on a banner or stuck on via wall stickers in the washrooms will help with reminding people about hygiene. Incorporating hand sanitising units throughout the location are also ideal to encourage better hygiene.

Supplying masks and gloves for people that wish to wear Personal Protective Equipment will make your customers feel at ease and give them the confidence to enter your establishment.

For further information on how to keep your business safe when reopening during a pandemic, head to bmt Promotions PPE page.

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