Soft to Touch Promotional Items


The texture of the promotional items you giveaway can make all the difference when it comes to how much the product is handled and in turn, how much your business logo is viewed. As sight of your business branding is what the aim of your promotional item is, the material and texture is what you want to focus on.

With soft to touch promotional products, items are likely to be handled more, whether it be fiddling with a stress ball at your desk, placing a t-shirt on as uniform daily or picking up a branded bag when you venture out shopping. When these items are handled often, your business logo will be viewed and could remind the person using the product to use your service/order your product. If the item is seen by other members of the public it could prompt them to use your service/order your product too.

Here are some of bmt Promotions soft to touch items:

  • Lanyards – You will find a range of promotional lanyards that can be printed with your logo, brand or message. We offer polyester, ribbon and woven lanyards. If your business logo is one or two colours, we would advise screen printing onto a flat ribbed polyester lanyard. If your logo consists of shades, tints or many colours or images, then we would advise printing your promotional lanyard as a dye sublimation lanyard. Alternatively, we can embroider your logo into the lanyard and these are woven lanyards.

  • Cotton bags – Our promotional cotton bags serve as a long-term advertisement product. Each time an individual leaves their home with your custom promotional bag, your brand will have unlimited exposure. Your business branding can be added with a screen print or transfer.

  • Stress Toys – Do you want an effective way to keep stress under control and blood circulation normal? bmt Promotions stress balls are made from top-quality material and are found to give effective results. You can get your promotional stress balls from us. Depending on the client requirement we can manufacture foam balls in different sizes and vibrant colours with your business logo printed on.

  • T-shirts – Promotional t-shirts are great for advertising a business, a charity event or a new product or service. In many shapes, sizes and styles these soft to touch promotional t-shirts can be printed with your business branding for a walking advertisement.

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