Safety Products for Your Retail and Customer Facing Business during a Pandemic


In this series of blog posts, we will cover the fundamental equipment that is required to keep your customers and staff safe when you re-open your businesses, as the UK government begins to lift restrictions that were enforced in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Retail and Customer Facing

Many retail and customer facing businesses offering clothing, toys, books and electronics opened in England as of 15th June and the previous week in Northern Ireland.

Business that depend on the public stepping into their shops to browse and buy have a lot to consider. If you have opened your shop and do not have all of your measures in place or, are yet to open, please consider investing in the following for a safe and comfortable environment for your staff and your customers.

Entry Signage

Many, if not all shops, will be controlling the amount of customers that enter the shop at any one time. Printed posters in the shops windows indicting the shops intentions will help customers to understand that they may have to wait to be let into the shop. Also, a heavy-duty outdoor swing sign is ideal for pavement advertising of your entry restrictions.

2m and Arrow Floor Stickers

To help your customers navigate their way around the shop with confidence and ease, floor stickers indicting a one way system are ideal. Stickers placed on the floor encouraging the 2m social distance rule are advised around the shop and at the checkout too. We can provide strong, slip resistant vinyl floor stickers that are protected from glare and wear and tear. Email us at for more information.


When your customers enter your retail outlet, it is encouraged that there are disposable gloves and masks provided for them and for your employees should they wish to wear them. Face visors are an additional safety item that can be offered to your staff to wear when they are working behind a checkout and facing customers throughout the day.

Promotional Leaflets

To encourage customers to venture outside of their homes and visit your shop, a leaflet drop of your opening hours, new products and safety advice would be highly proactive. Get in touch with us here at bmt promotions for help with your leaflet design and we will aid and produce top quality flyers for you.

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