Safety Products for the Education Sector during a Pandemic


Whilst some primary and secondary school children have gone back into education during the Covid-19 outbreak, many have not due to current Government restrictions and are unlikely to go back until the new school year starts in September.

Headmasters and Headmistresses across the country will be looking to make their schools safe before the 2020/2021 term starts with some additional safety products in their schools. These may include:

Posters about hygiene and handwashing

Instructions from the World Health Organisation state that the washing of hands is vitally important to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Posters in bathrooms and toilet cubicle throughout the school would remind children and teachers to keep washing their hands regularly. Information fed through printed posters to children and staff could help to prevent a second peak in infections of the Coronavirus.

Symptomatic posters

Children will need reminding of the symptoms and regulations regarding Covid-19 when they return to school. A poster listing the symptoms of the virus and what to do if they have any symptoms should be placed in every room of the school building.

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Sanitation stations

To keep as hygienic as possible, sanitation stations should be placed in various places throughout the school. Children of all heights and abilities should be able to access these sanitation stations so that cleanliness standards can be met at all times. Our sanitisation units can be branded with an education establishment logo and additional accompanying pop up banner can explain how you use the hand sanitiser.

Masks and Gloves

For nervous parents or children, the option of a disposable facemask and gloves should be offered to put their minds at ease during this uncertain time.

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