Revive Old Customer Relationships With Promotional Merchandise


Do you have clients that have gone a bit quiet? Do your once loyal customers not call you so much or enter your shop as regularly? Well, we have a solution to get your customer relationship back on track, send your valued customers some promotional merchandise and let them know you’re still around and ready to help them when they need your product or service.

What shall I send?

Get back in contact with a customer that you haven’t heard from in a while with some useful promotional items such as bespoke pens, branded water bottles and sticky notes with your business logo printed on. If the promotional items that are sent are useful, your business branding will be seen more as the items will be regularly utilised. Each time your business branding is viewed it might encourage your customers to get back in contact with you.

According to study within the promotional products industry, most people that receive promotional items keep them for an average of eight months or will pass them along to others who will use them creating exposure to your business branding.

What shall I spend?

Promotional items do not have to break your marketing budget. A desktop calendar can cost as little as a couple of pounds and it will show your business branding on your customers office desk for 365 days a year, not a lot of money for the amount of exposure your company will receive.

Other low-cost promotional items that could help you get back in touch with old customers include:

  • Notepads – We all need a notepad to jot down ideas at work, provide your customers with a branded one.
  • Keyrings – A promotional item that keeps all your keys in one place. This item will be handled and viewed daily helping to create brand awareness for your business.
  • Lanyards – Great for holding entry cards in to buildings and for festival passes alike.
  • T-shirts – Printed in one or many colours, promotional t-shirts can be used as uniform, for charity events and exhibitions and are a very small cost.

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