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2019 is not far away, approximately 100 days in fact. While there is the day to day work to be getting on with before the end of year break comes, it’s also a great time to get some business planning products for the new year ahead. Organisation in business is the key to success.

Promotional wall calendars and wall planners are fabulous place to start. You can order your branded calendars and planners for yourselves and for your loyal customers so that they can see your business branding all year through.

What are the benefits of a wall calendar?

Wall calendars have numerous helpful features for your business, here are a few:

  • Each month of the year is on a separate page and can include your company’s logo and photographs.

  • There is space to write down your upcoming actions and memos.

  • The calendars offer a quick-glance view for you to scan the year and see what up and coming meetings or projects you have.

  • Wall calendars can take on a specific theme. Your theme could be related to your business and the calendar can include photos of work that you complete throughout out the year. Other popular themes for calendars are photos of the British countryside, world cities and animals in the wild. Adding your branding to an eye-catching theme would ensure that your gift of a wall calendar to your customers goes straight up in their office.

  • A promotional wall calendar is an essential calendar for staff to see what’s occurring throughout the year. It can be placed in a central location within a workplace so that all staff can see what they need to be doing each day of the month.

What will I use a wall planner for?

A promotional wall planner is an ideal organisational tool for the office and home environment, having these essential qualities:

  • Wall planners allow you to see important events at a glance and keep people informed what is happening with the company throughout the year.

  • There is a large space for writing appointments and notes on.

  • Many wall planners are laminated and easy to write on with pens and wipe-off markers.

  • Your business branding can be printed boldly onto a wall planner using full colour print. You can keep one of these wall planners for your business and gift a number of them to your valued clients.

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