Promotional T-Shirts as an Important Marketing Element


When planning a marketing campaign, the biggest solution is not always the best. Many companies focus their campaigns on radio, TV or magazine adverts which can prove ineffective. Direct marketing has a more meaningful impact, and a great way of achieving this is with promotional t-shirts.

Promotional t-shirts are a walking advertisement. Having your logo on a promotional t-shirt is a cost effective way to build a network of people to promote your logo wherever they go.

When you are next out shopping or having a coffee, spend a few moments looking at the t-shirts people are wearing. Adidas, Superdry, Lyle & Scott? Each time you spot this, you are being directly marketed at. This is the sole intention from these large brands, by printing their logos and names on these popular clothing items.

Remember to be creative when designing your branded t-shirt. Playing safe with just your logo can work, or you could step outside the box and go for it. Take a look at the android concept above, this is great because of the cheeky approach of taking on its competitor (Apple), they also have a few different designs in the range which adds to the talking point & could create a collector mentality.

T-shirts are an instant conversation starter, and that conversation will be around your brand. This is powerful marketing.

Here at bmt Promtoions, we have a wide range of t-shirts, in a wide range of styles & colours which you can add your logo to. If promotional t-shirt aren’t your thing, then how about polo shirts, hoodies or hats?

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