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Mobile phones are constantly in use. When we’re not at our desks looking through emails, we’re on the move, checking them on our phones. We’re browsing our social media accounts on the go and we’re on our mobiles talking to clients and suppliers throughout the day. To protect our phones from the daily usage, some accessories are required. Why not get your phone accompaniments branded with your business logo for the public to see when you’re travelling around? You never know who might see your branding and give you call to utilise your services or buy your products.

Here are a few accessories that can be branded with your company logo and distributed as giveaways to your customers, employees or potential new clients at an exhibition.

Promotional phone cases

Your screen and phone will be protected with our range of vibrant promotional phone cases available for a variety of phone models.  Your business logo can be printed onto the back of our leather, plastic and silicone cases using full colour print.

Branded phone stand

Our promotional mobile stand will come extremely handy when you’re out and about with work and need to elevate your screen to view it. bmt Promotions stands work with any mobile device. They consist of a 3M sticky mobile pocket wallet that adheres to back of mobile device. The mobile phone stand is also highly convenient for storing business cards, credit cards and identification.

Promotional phone screen pads

Keep your screen clean with a promotional mobile phone screen cleaning pad. Add you branding to our small screen cleaning pads and gift them to some of your customers for a budget friendly marketing tool. It will help get your business branding seen by an enormous quantity of people creating vast brand awareness.

The front side of the sticky cleaning pad features the cleaning element, made of ultra-premium microfibre. The reverse side of the pad is a non-adhesive, highly sticky gel pad that easily sticks to your finger, so you can clean your screen. After use, the sticky gel attaches to your electronics without leaving any residue. The screen cleaning pad removes germs, oils, makeup and fingerprints from screens safely.

Branded mobile phone stress holder

If you’re having a bad day, purchase one of our mobile phone stress holders and give it a good old squeeze to relieve the tension you feel. Then, give your phone a ‘seat’, by placing it on the phone holder. This promotional mobile stress phone holder is great desk item for your device and makes a fantastic budget friendly branded gift. All our mobile phone stress shapes are manufactured from recycled biodegradable eco-friendly materials so, you’ll be helping the environment when you buy.

For many more of our fantastic promotional products, head to the website.

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