Promotional Products For Charity Fundraising Events


Nonprofit charities organisations are vitally important at raising awareness for a number of causes and helping the most vulnerable in our society. All charities need to make money for their cause and fundraising events are a wonderful way to go about it.

No matter the size of the charity whether it be a children’s charity, environmental, humanitarian, a health charity or an animal charity, they all depend on generous donations and promotion to help create awareness for their cause.

Charity fundraising is needed continuously, and fresh fundraising ideas are required to keep the public attention and the aid coming in. Promotional products are an extremely helpful and effective way to help with charity fundraising.  They create more of an incentive for people to donate and are fantastic for raising the profile of your charity.

Promotional gifts do not have to break the budget, and we already know, charities don’t have a huge amount of money to spend. Unlimited funds are not needed to be able to offer promotional gifts as a thank you or for motivation for further contributions. You can have striking, entertaining and memorable branded merchandise created to fit your budget.

How a charity can use promotional products

  • Giftingbranded items to people who contribute to your charity whilst you’re out gathering donations. Street donation collectors could give out branded badges and promotional charity stickers.

  • Promotional items such as branded pens, keyrings, mints and lip balms can be sent out with postal campaigns. These types of promotional items can be easily placed into an envelope with a leaflet all about your charity and to potential donors. Small desktop promotional items will stay around in the household or office for months and years to come. These items will act as great reminders about your charity and the respectable work you stand for.

  • Selling branded items at your charity events and donating most of the proceeds to your cause is a trendy way for charities to give away bigger, more expensive promotional products such as bespoke clothing and branded bags. It allows the charity to cover costs whilst at the same time still raising funds and creating awareness.

Many small charities close due to absence of funding, whilst others must reduce man-hours and decrease services to keep going. If branded promotional products can be applied to your charity in a cost-effective way, then this may be a valuable approach worth looking into to help your charity.

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