What Promotional Products Can Do For Your Business


Businesses use promotional products as a cost-effective way of reaching out to potential customers and, is a highly cost-effective marketing method. Small businesses and established international companies choose to use branded merchandise in their marketing strategy because they can help to reduce marketing budgets whilst still attracting people’s attention.

Create Brand Awareness

Brand awareness means that consumers can recognize your business and its products or services just by looking at the company logo. Giving out promotional items to customers, both potential and current will assist them to recall your business.

In a survey completed by the BPMA this question was raised ‘Do you think that branded promotional products increase a company’s brand awareness?’  The result was a resounding ‘Yes’ with 96% of people agreeing.

Any promotional gift distributed stays in the homes, offices and cars of the recipients for a great period of time so, there is a continual reminder of your business around. Clients tend to retain gifted promotional products for a few months and, when they see the logo they’re reminded of the branded gift and your business.

Greater exposure of your business

Freebies are an excellent way for increasing your business exposure on daily basis. A large billboard advertisement passes through your eyes in a few seconds but, promotional products are in our vision a lot longer. An example of this –  Your consumers will drink from your gift of a branded tea or coffee mug more often.

Low cost effective marketing

Small companies do not have the budget to compete with larger corporations when it comes to marketing, but, they can still achieve some of their marketing goals with a low-cost promotional products campaign. There are many inexpensive promotional items for smaller businesses to dispense to potential customers such as mugs, pens and keyrings. Prices of the gifted items may be low, but the impact is high on the recipients.

Works as your business card

Business cards present your company and its products or services to potential customers. Promotional products perform in the same way but with much more interest from potential new clients. When distributing branded merchandise associated to your company, you are, in turn, introducing your business to the potential consumers.

Ensure your promotional products have some of this key information about your company for a successful branded marketing campaign.

  • Your business contact information

  • Company logo depicting your business message

  • Add hashtags related to your social media

  • Add any promotional codes to branded merchandise to get your customers purchasing more.

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