Promotional Products – Are They Becoming Redundant?


Some Marketing Managers choose not to use promotional products to promote their business. This is because they feel that the idea of gifting items to potential customers will not work as well as other advertising methods.

With social media as an effective and inexpensive way of showing a business’s latest products or advertising an offer or a service, it’s easy to think that those promotional products could become redundant. Why pay money to send out promotional gifts when a social media post will do the same job?

Well, a social media post can be glanced at, taken note of, or dismissed. If you have a promotional product that you can hold in your hand, one that sits on your desk (promotional pens), hangs on your wall (promotional calendar) or is useful daily (promotional power bank) then your business logo will be seen more regularly. This creates a potential for people to come and visit your website, call you or come to your store in the future.

Promotional products have been effectively generating business for many years and will be for many more. Some statistics have been captured by interviewing numerous businesses across the globe on their thoughts on what promotional products mean to them and what they can do for marketing your company.

  • 88% of people claim that they can remember the advertisers better if they have been given a promotional product from them.

  • 80% of people say that they can remember the branded logo and message that was on the promotional items they received.

  • When giving out promotional merchandise, you increase your chances of gaining new customers by 83%.

  • 70% of brands and businesses think that promotional items are still relevant, effective, and a great way to reach marketing goals.

  • 85% of people claim that the promotional products encouraged them to go into business with the advertiser.

With these statistics swaying positively in promotional products favour, I can’t see the promotional marketing industry going anywhere but up.

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