Promotional Pen Pot Calendars Through The Post


Are you a small business looking for a marketing campaign that it going to get your business brand name out there for a small cost? Look no further than the promotional pen pot calendar. This product does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a calendar that also serves as a pot for your pens!

There is no need to spend a fortune to create a buzz about your brand. The pen pot calendar is a great low-cost item for a marketing campaign targeting potential new customers who will see your business logo all year round.

The reason a pen pot calendar will help you advertise your business brand is because there are 6 sides of space for advertising. There is plenty of room for a clear calendar, your professional logo and for you to express your business message.

Alongside the months, dates and days of the year and your business branding, you can choose from a variety of photographs to enhance the look of your calendar. We have an extensive range of photographs at bmt Promotions to choose from including animals in the wild, cities around the world and the UK countryside. You can also use your own photographs, perhaps some that relate to the work that you do, or your team members.

A promotional pen pot calendar is fantastic for use in a marketing campaign where you are trying to raise your company profile and increase your customer base. As the calendar is a slight product, it can easily be popped into an envelope and be sent through the post. The pen pot calendar is a simple product for them to assemble when the envelope is opened.

The branded calendar is also highly practical. It can hold a lot of pens; some calendars even have specific pen pot holes in the top, so the pens can be stored securely. The calendar is small enough to be placed on your desktop so its easily accessible for you to check on those all-important dates.

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