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The range of sporting events is vast. There are worldwide sporting events such as the football World Cup and The Olympics. We have national rugby leagues and cricket tournaments. School children have sports days and many children are involved with extracurricular sports clubs including hockey, athletics and netball. With all this activity there are thousands of sports fans across the globe. This makes advertising your brand at a sporting event a very smart thing to do because the possible reach to potential customers is huge.

Sponsor a local sporting event.

Town and county sporting events are ever popular and if you want to advertise your business brand and increase your local trade, sponsoring a regional event is a terrific way to do it. In turn for a monetary sum, your business branding will be advertised at the sporting event.  Some of the ways to get your companies name seen at the event is to supply branded promotional products:

  • Branded banners A branded pop up event banner can give all the information of the sporting event and you can add your company logo to increase your brand awareness. They come in a range of sizes and are easily assembled.

  • Promotional Paper Flags – These are great for team sports events. The promotional flags can display the team names on them and your company logo. They’ll be handed out to all the spectators meaning your brand will be seen by countless people.

  • Branded trophies – At the end of a sporting event a branded crystal trophy can be handed out to the winners, this can include an engraving of your company logo on it.

Charity and School Sports Events

A business supplying goods for a charity or school sports event can help immensely as funding can be sparse. For a summer football tournament or, athletics competition equipment will be needed, and it is a perfect opportunity for companies to help, supply some of the kit and get their brand seen by potential customers too.

  • Sports clothing – Leisurewear will be needed at a school or charity sporting event. Polyester tops, shorts, socks and gloves can be printed or embroidered with your logo to advertise your business.

  • Drinks bottles – For refreshment time, supplying a branded drinks bottle is an environmentally friendly option and would get your company logo viewed by many. The bottles come in a variety of colours, to match your business branding.

  • Medal and Trophies – For the competitors in the sporting event, branded medals and trophies will be received with gratitude. These medals and trophies are a keepsake so your business logo will be seen by many people who encounter them.

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