Promotional Hi-Vis Headwear For Every Type Of Job


High – visibility (Hi-Vis) clothing can be used in many lines of work and leisure activity. Hi –Vis clothing enables a person to be seen in darker, drearier weather and environmental conditions, therefore keeping them safe.

The need for promotional Hi-Vis headwear has been common on construction sites for many years but, there is a requirement for other types of Hi-Vis headwear to keep people in other lines of work seen and safe too. At bmt Promotions we have a range of Hi-Vis headwear suitable for an array of jobs and, these top-quality hats can be printed or embroidered with your business logo to create brand awareness whist you’re wearing them.

Hi-Vis headbands

Hi-Vis headbands are great for exercise groups that workout during dusk and into the night. A group of runners all jogging with your business logo on the bright headbands would look fantastic, and make other pedestrians aware that you are there in the most vibrant way.

Our Beechfield Morf™ Enhanced-Viz headbands are made of a breathable fabric and come in three colours: black, pink and yellow and they all have reflective stripes attached. There is a large space on the headband for your company logo to be printed or embroidered on for extra brand awareness.

Hi-Vis Hard Hats

Hi-Vis hard hats are used for Personal Protective Equipment for builders and construction workers across the UK. Our Portwest Endurance Visor Hard Hat comes in three colours, red, white and yellow and is made of durable injection-moulded, high density ABS material. It conforms too many safety regulations and has a retractable visor and an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit.

Your business logo can be printed on the hard hats so everyone on the site knows which company you’re working for and it also helps to create a little brand awareness wherever the hat is worn.

Hi-Vis Beanie Hats

Hi-Vis Beanie hats are perfect for winter working. Any job where an employee is outside a lot of the time:  gardeners, wildlife workers, country park keepers. All these workers deserve to be seen and keep warm when they are putting their efforts in daily. The Beechfield Enhanced-Viz Beanie has a double layer knit, cuffed design for optimal decoration and enhanced visibility reflective strips. The print or embroider area of the hat is vast so your logo will stand out on these top quality beanie hats.

The Portwest LED Head Light Beanie had a light attached to it that’s has a run time of 2-4 hours as well as reflective strips for enhanced vision during dreary winter days.

For further information on all of our Hi-Visibility headwear, take a look at our dedicated webpage.

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