Promotional Giveaways To Encourage Better Health


In a recent NHS survey, it was recorded that 21% of men, and 25% of women in the UK were classified as inactive. Inactivity can lead to obesity, depression and increased stress levels. A workplace health and wellness program can help, and it’s not just workers who benefit. Employers can see an improvement in their profits. When employees are healthier, they are more productive and content with their jobs.

Distributing some fun branded giveaways at work for your employees can really help improve wellness and encourage your staff to make healthier choices. These giveaways can be extended to your clients and any potential customers at exhibitions and events you may attend to aid in them leading a healthier lifestyle.

Promoting physical health

Minor changes in everyday routines can have a huge effect on overall health. Taking the stairs instead of the lift, counting your walking steps daily, getting lots of sleep and drinking plenty of water. A branded pedometer can count your steps and certain models can monitor sleep too. A promotional pedometer would make a cost-effective and quirky giveaway to your employees or for possible new customers at an expo.

Regular activity and drinking lots of water make people feel better. Providing your staff and customers with a promotional sports bottle will encourage these activities. The branding on the bottle also creates awareness for your business and your company logo will be seen by new people and potential customers whenever they are used.

Promoting mental health

The focus on mental health is changing. More people are willing to talk about any struggles with depression and anxiety which is a crucial step to improving mental health. There are some promotional items that you can have around your office that promote great mental health including branded stress toys. Work can be a place where employees feel pressure and need to release the angst they feel. A few humorous stress toys dotted around the office for staff to squeeze when they are feeling a little tense can only ease the worry they might be feeling.

Branded notebooks are an ideal giveaway for your customers and employees to help improve health. They can be used to jot down their food intake to record their healthier lifestyles. A branded notebook can also be used as a diary to note down any worries or concerns they have and may need to address to help with their personal mental health.

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