Promotional Giveaways for the Autumnal Season


The season change between summer and autumn can feel quite dramatic. It seems to gets colder, darker and wetter quite rapidly and can leave people feeling a bit gloomy.

You can help out your customers and potential new clients with this change in season.  Creating a marketing campaign and giving away some useful promotional items to help people adjust to autumn will not only help out your customers but, generate an excellent lasting impression of your business name.

Which promotional products will my customers want?

Your customers and employees will want items that can keep them warm and toasty in the colder season. A fleece jacket with your business name embroidered onto it would be a nice, cosy addition to a customer’s wardrobe. Your company branding will be seen when they wear the clothing, whether at work, on the school run or out and about walking the dog. Autumnal clothing options for your employees include a long sleeved polo shirt or long sleeve t-shirts embroidered or printed with your business logo.

A warm drink on the go

Enable your customers and employees to keep warm on the go by providing them with a reusable branded thermal mug which they can fill up with tea or hot chocolate for their commute to work whilst advertising your business name.

Let them see

One of the most sudden season changes seems to be how quickly the sun sets and how late it rises. Provide your customers with a promotional torch to help with any issues that may arise because of the dark e.g. Early morning dog walks or breaking down on the way to work.

Staying dry

Autumn can be a really rainy season so, a promotional brolly is required at all times. Once the torrential downpours start you’ll want your umbrella to hand, keep one in the boot of your car, have a stack of them stored in the reception of your office and give them away to potential new customers. Every time one of these umbrellas is used, your business branding can be viewed by passers-by.

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