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Promotional China Mugs

Promotional mugs have been a popular item to send out to customers to promote businesses for a long time. Business branded mugs have longevity and make an impact on a budget. If you visit any workplace, it won’t take you long to spot promotional mugs on employees desks.

Using branded mugs to promote your products is a brilliant way of increasing interest and publicity.  Your business branding, company name and corporate message will be strikingly produced on the mug so its visible to everyone to see.

Invest in a china mug

China mugs in particular, are a brilliant choice of promotional item for those who want to create an image of quality, style and sophistication. China is one of the finest materials with which to make mugs, as it is extremely lightweight and sleek, yet robust.

bmt Promotions china mugs are of a high quality and very affordable. Buying well-made, china mugs which last for a long time, over cheaper alternatives that may not last, means you will be making an investment into your company. The gift of the china mugs to your customers will be greatly received by the recipients, and in return they are more likely to order again from your business.

Our top three china mugs

The top three sellers of china mug at bmt Promotions are:

The Marlborough China Mug – These mugs are thin, lightweight yet strong. They are durable enough for daily use. The contemporary design ensures it won’t look out of place in education establishments, company boardrooms or on an office desk.

The Opal China Mug – These mugs are a standard slimline bone china mug. A popular choice for the promotional and corporate market these mugs have a large print area for your company logo.

The Tall Waist China Mug – The tall waist china mugs have a sophisticated hourglass design which is sure to get your business brand noticed. These are taller than other mugs in our china range and offer a unique style for your brand.

Bmt Promotions china mugs printed with your company’s promotional message will last for years, guaranteeing that you have an enduring, inexpensive form of advertisement for your business for a long time to come.

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