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Promotional Calendars & Diaries

We have a large selection of promotional diaries and calendars starting at low prices with fast lead times. Our printed calendars and embossed desk diaries come in a vast array of cover designs in 4 sizes, pocket, A5 quarto and A4.

Many diaries are foil block personalised and come as page a day or week to view, and some come with page extras like London tube map, UK and world atlas. Our promotional calendars come as either desk or wall versions and can have off the shelf images or even your own images for each month.

A printed calendar, diary or journal offers a superb marketing idea that will get your logo and messages seen throughout the year.

Promotional Calendars

What are promotional calendars?

Branded CalendarsCalendars are an item which people look at every day at least once, making them the perfect promotional product to choose when you are looking for new options to market your business with.

Promotional calendars are a budget friendly and simple, yet effective, way to get your company’s logo, advertising message and contact details across to people and really get your brand fixated in people’s minds.

Calendars can be used by everybody and are seen in most homes, and you would be hard pushed to find an office without one hung up on the wall or on individual staff members’ desks. Providing potential or existing clients with promotional calendars ensures your brand is directly in front of them all year round; and what better way to advertise than having your businesses calendar in another business work place? Promotional calendars that have been well designed will keep your company at the forefront of people’s minds, increasing your brand recognition.

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We source our products from all over the globe and this means we can offer niche products that you may never even have thought of. Get your free quotation now.

Why Use Promotional Calendars?

Your customers will think of your brand whenever they use it
Promo Calendars

Promotional calendars are great for increasing organisation, and pretty much everybody can benefit from that! Their wide appeal means that calendars are a fantastic marketing solution for a company who is looking to increase their customer outreach.

Calendars are a necessity in a busy home. They are essential for remembering important dates of school trips, ensuring you don’t forget any birthdays, and keeping on top of when any payments and bills are due. A calendar is vital for homework, revision and exam deadlines and timetables; a must in any home study room or classroom.

Promotional calendars are always needed in offices, hung on walls and on desks – making them a fantastic business to business marketing option. When a customer receives a useful branded product, such as a promotional calendar, it instantly sets a positive tone, and will enhance a potential client’s opinion of a company.

When the branding is attractive on a promotional product, people do not mind the brand name being placed on the item, as they accept this as part of the exchange. Attractive branding and design is ensured when you get your promotional calendars at BMT Promotions. When people use these items daily, they become more familiar with your branding and are more likely to give your company a good recommendation.

When someone is seen using the product this acts as good review from a relatable person, a perfect opportunity for marketing. By checking your brand’s promotional calendar each day, it will remind the customer of the service that you provide, meaning you are first choice when they need the service that you provide. BMT Promotions’ promotional calendars are a great investment in terms of marketing your business.

What Are the Design Options for Promotional Calendars?


Promotional Desk CalendarAt BMT Promotions, we manufacture high quality branded products, including promotional calendars. These calendars offer our customers a superb marketing idea that will ensure their logo and branding messages are seen throughout the year. We create premium printed promotional calendars that can come in a vast array of cover designs. Our promotional calendars come in 4 different sizes:

  • Pocket
  • A5
  • Quarto
  • A4

Our promotional calendars come as either desk or wall versions. They can be made up from thoughtfully chosen ‘off the shelf’ images; or for a more personal touch, you can choose your own images for each month. At BMT Promotions, we believe that the power of promotional products cannot be rivalled when marketing a brand. There are many different promotional items on offer, including promotional calendars, that can enhance the distinction of a company. Branded items will heighten brand memorability and recognisability in workplaces, households, promotional events and public places.


What is BMT Promotions’ Process for Creating Promotional Calendars?

Here at BMT Promotions, our philosophy is simple; the right product, the right price, the right time.Two Promotional Calendars

BMT Promotions’ team of experts work closely with our clients when creating promotional calendars. The early stages of any project are vital, and we will plan a strategy with you to set up every stage of the project to ensure we succeed in delivering what you want.

Our experienced team of successful creative designers are here to bring your vision to life and provide support right up to the completion of the project. We cast our net far and wide when we source our products. With a supply base that spans the world over, we can offer our customers products that they may never have even thought of to be part of their marketing strategy.

We measure our success on our customer’s satisfaction; we don’t believe in half measures. Choosing BMT Promotions for your promotional calendars means that you are choosing a company with over 25 years’ experience, who deliver 110% on every project we take on. Our workforce is comprised of professionals with varying experience, who work well as a team and this is how we get big wins and the best results for our customers.


Why Choose BMT Promotions for Your Promotional Calendars?

Promotional Calendar Boxes

At BMT Promotions, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We endeavour to work closely with all of our clients to ensure that they end up with the end product that they envisioned.

We are experts in the promotions industry, and know the importance of promotional calendars and how branded items can amplify a business’s marketing strategy and their customer outreach.

BMT Promotions’ experienced team of individuals consists of dedicated sales advisors, an Art and Design team, Samples Department, Website Developers, and System Developers. They work extremely hard together to fulfil the needs of both new and existing customers, in a positive and friendly manner.

BMT Promotions aim to maximise consistency and efficiency in the service that we provide. We assign a dedicated point of contact to each client. This ensures a smooth process for our customers from the outset; relating to quotes, ordering, payment, delivery, artwork, and general enquiries.

Our dedicated, unique approach and friendly customer support staff continue to deliver excellent customer service, which is reflected by the growth of our client base and order value each year. You can rely on BMT Promotions to ensure that your order of promotional calendars and other products are delivered on time, in full and at a price that fulfils your business needs.


About BMT Promotions

Premium Promotional Calendars

BMT Promotions source our products from all over the world to ensure our customers have a wide variety of promotional items to choose from when revamping their branding options. With a supply base as large as ours, at BMT Promotions, we are confident that we can find the right product for everyone’s promotional needs!

We have recently moved to a new HQ in Wellingborough, the heart of England, which is perfectly situated closely to major transportation links to all of our centres. If you want your free quote for promotional calendars today, we are always on hand to help, so please give us a call or drop us an email to discuss how we can help you define your next campaign or promotion. Reach us on:

Phone: 01933 409489



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We're Based In Wellingborough Northamptonshire

We source our products from all over the world and with a supply base as large as ours we are certain that we can find the right product for everyone’s needs.


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