Promotional Branded Umbrellas


The temperatures have dropped, the sun has all but disappeared, and the rain is just around the corner! Many people carry an umbrella around with them, or even keep one in the car, just in case. A great promotional marketing tool is to use a branded umbrella, giving your company even more exposure. At BMT Promotions, we supply a wide range of branded promotional umbrellas to suit any target audience. We have the smaller branded telescopic umbrellas which are ideal for city use, ans can easily fit into a laptop bag or handbag. We have branded golf umbrellas which are stormproof and provide much needed shelter in windy conditions. We also have an eco-friendly recycled range of branded umbrellas!

You can use your promotional umbrellas to give to staff and keep them dry this autumn. You could also give them out to existing or prospective customers. Not only are you providng them with a much needed tool, you are also keeping your brand infront of them & others.

To find out more about our promotional branded umbrella ranges, please give us a call 01933 445271 or drop us an email – you can be sure of one thing, your promotional umbrella will be seen an awful lot over the next few months!

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