Optical Crystal Golden Torch Award

  • Product Description: This impressive, contemporary optical crystal award fans upward from its optical crystal base to a sweeping wave-like upper edge, giving the appearance of a sporting ‘torch’. And with a band of gold inlayed at the base it reflects the golden colour throughout. In three sizes – 19.5cm (shown), 22.5cm and 26cm – it is an ideal award to recognise achievement, mark a special occasion or for any presentation with 1st, 2nd and 3rd places to award. There is a generous space allowed to place an inscription, logo, crest or date and it is possible to engrave on the front or in reverse on the back of the award which creates a sense of depth. Each award comes in its own foam lined presentation box.
  • Product Code: 19.5cmSY5010 / 22.5cm SY5011 / 26cm SY5012
  • Product Weight: 19.5cm = 970g / 22.5cm = 1.3kg / 26cm = 2.05kg
  • Dimensions: 19.5cm = 195x85mm / 22.5cm = 225x90mm / 26cm = 260x105mm
  • Engraving Area: 19.5cm = 80x45mm / 22.5cm = 95x70mm / 26cm = 95x65mm