Optical Crystal Facet Iceberg Award

  • Product Description: The Facet Icebergs are striking and stylish display awards, they are hand made from perfectly clear 60mm thick optical crystal and are available in three sizes – 13cm (shown), 17cm and 20cm. They have a large engraving area that can be personalised with any crest, logo or wording and are sure to take pride of place when put on display at home or at work. They are ideal recognition, achievement or incentive gifts and are supplied in a black foam lined presentation box.
  • Product Code: 13cmSY2075 / 17cm SY2076 / 20cm SY2077
  • Product Weight: 13cm = 1.3kg / 17cm = 2.2kg / 20cm = 3kg
  • Dimensions: 13cm = 130x105x60mm / 17cm = 170x130x60mm / 20cm = 200x150x60mm
  • Engraving Area: 13cm = 75x55mm / 17cm = 95x70mm / 20cm = 110x95mm