Practical Promotional Products For Your Travels


We all travel. It might be abroad for a family holiday or for a work project, it might be across the country for a conference or it might just be across the shire to meet a potential customer.

As we travel we use many a gadget so next time you’re investing in your promotional merchandise, why not consider some travel related products to help out your employees and customers and gain a little advertising for your business on the way.

Perfect travel products

If you’re travelling around the UK for a few days, there is always that slim chance it will rain. Pack a promotional telescopic umbrella just in case. These small umbrellas will store easily into your handbag or briefcase and can open up a vibrant screen printed canopy advertising your business, product or service.

An ideal bag for traveling for work or pleasure is a backpack that can store your clothes, toiletries laptop and accessories. A promotional backpack can create brand awareness wherever it is seen when you have your business branding printed or embroidered onto the bag. Foldable polyester and cotton bags are also ideal for people on their travels as they are easily stored, and can be folded away to be used when needed but also don’t take up too much space in cases.

Keep charged on the go

A great promotional item to help advertise your business on the go is a power bank. We all need to charge laptops and phones on the go and what better product to have your logo adorned on for all to see? Whether you’re sitting in a café, library or at the gym, a mobile charger is a practical promotional product that many passers-by will see and may take note of your business name for future reference.

Keep hydrated on your travels

Another practical promotional product to take away on the go is a travel water bottle. Popular and eco-friendly, these are a fantastic item to keep you hydrated and advertise your business. Their visibility is huge being seen in coffee shops, offices or just being held by people on the street meaning that your company logo will be observed too.

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