Outside The Box Promotional Products


When you think of promotional products, what springs to mind? Branded keyrings, USB sticks, pens? These items are great branded marketing tools to get your business name seen. There are so many other, more unique products that can be branded with a company logo to advertise your business, in fact, here at bmt Promotions, we have the notion that we can brand anything, within reason!

‘Outside the box’ ideas

There are many ‘outside-the-box’ products that can also be branded such as rubber ducks, pedometers, bottle openers, bespoke phone cases, even sand-castle buckets moulded into the shape of your logo. All these items make fantastic unique giveaways for an exhibition or to send to potential clients to get them to take notice of your business.

Unique products for events

Great, stand out products for events include branded foam fingers as well as cloth flags, banners and balloons. These products come in many shapes, and sizes and, bmt Promotions can also produce balloons in the shape of your logo! All these products would make your business stand out at exhibitions.

Outside the box uniform

Uniform is a branded promotional item as your logo is on show all day. It’s seen at work and when you pop out of the office at lunch or for meetings. A huge array of people can see this logo so it’s fantastic for advertising. Uniform can be as simple as a t-shirt with a one colour logo on the top left-hand pocket or as original as an Italian leather jacket with the company logo hand stitched onto the arm. At bmt Promotions we also produce high-quality, full hi-visibility workwear from hard hats to jackets and trousers to neon socks, all with the business brand emblazoned on in your unique way.

Consider your ‘outside the box’ promotional items and, if you think it we can brand it. Get in touch with your ideas.

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