Our top 10 Promotional Paper Products – Part 2


Following on from part 1 of ‘Our top 10 Promotional Paper Products’, here are the next 5 items that make great branded gifts and work tools for your customers and potential clients.


A diary is a fabulous promotional gift to give to your clients at the end of each year. You can gift smaller pocket diaries at exhibitions and trade shows or, larger bespoke diaries from our A4 and A5 range. Your business logo can be embossed on the front of the diary and printed on each individual page internally. Your customers certainly won’t forget you with one of these on their desk and in use every day of the year.


Jotting down notes and ideas is paramount in any business meeting or brainstorming session. We need paper and pens so, why not make them promotional ones. We have a range of sizes of notebook and your business branding can be printed on the cover and on the internal pages of the notebook so your logo won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Sticky notepads

Sticky notes are a really fun promotional product to giveaway and one of the most cost effective. They are fantastic for sending out to schools for students to mark their pages during revision sessions or, making small notes on. Promotional sticky notes can have your business branding printed on the little notelets themselves or on the backing that the notelets are stuck onto.

Document folders

Promotional document folders can contain of information on them which is fantastic from an advertising perspective. They are perfect for an event where you wish to add information about a product you are trying to introduce, or information on a University that you want students to apply for. There are endless reasons to use document folders so, make yours stand out, add your branding with vibrant colours by using our full colour printing service and get the information you want our there noticed!


Promotional booklets are ideal for explaining details on a new product or service that you wish to talk about. These booklets could be given away at exhibitions or they could be sent to select customers through the post. Your booklet design can be created by us here at bmt Promotions, printed, then bound and sent directly to your customers.

The fantastic thing with all promotional paper products is that they are able to be recycled after they are no longer needed as advertising material.

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