Our Top 10 Promotional Paper Products – Part 1


Paper promotional products are some of the most cost-effective items to advertise your business, charity, product or service. They can be ready for your business needs in a matter of days (sometimes even hours!) and they’re easily recycled when a recipient no longer needs the product.

Why else should I choose promotional paper products?

Promotional paper products can advertise an abundance of things in many ways – new business venture on a banner, a new product or service on a poster, a discount code on a leaflet or even new contact details on a business card.

Promotional paper items can be easily distributed to many addresses, via hand delivery for local businesses or post if you need to send out promotional materials nationally.

Types of promotional paper products that can advertise your business:

  1. Leaflets

Promotional leaflets can contain a wealth of information about your business. Your address, telephone number, website and email address as well as details on what your business does and the products or services you’re selling. Leaflets can be printed in full colour print so your design, including business logo, looks vibrant and your message stands out.

  1. Business cards

Your business card could be the first item that someone sees relating to your company. This is why they need to be printed clearly, with vivid text and/or images and display exactly what your business does and who you are. We design and print many business cards in full colour full of eye-catching detail.

  1. Posters

A promotional poster can advertise a new business venture, an event or a new product launch in numerous shop windows, on advertising boards in schools and colleges, and dotted around on lamp posts and walls across the country. A promotional poster has the ability to hold so much information about your chosen subject and can contain vibrant images and text in full colour print. Come up with your best ideas and bmt Promotions will be able to implement them for you.

  1. Cut-outs and Banners

Are you holding an event and need some large and small signs to decorate the venue? Look no further than our paper and card cut-outs and banners. Together we can design a banner that’s going to be so eye-catching that no-one is going to turn away from your event. You can include many cut-outs of your business logo or company mascot throughout an event to keep your name fresh in people’s minds.

  1. Calendars

A fabulous paper product that will keep your business name getting some attention is promotional calendars. Each month can have an image of your choice. Some people choose images related to your business or the beautiful UK countryside or historic buildings, completely your choice, your business logo can feature heavily too. Full colour printing is available on a variety of calendars including, wall and easel calendars. These come in a variety of sizes and make a great promotional gift to your customers at the end of each year.

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