Our Leading Promotional Office Stationery Products

The contents of an office desk can generate curiosity to a new starter, visitor or client coming in for a meeting. Stocking your desks up with an abundance of promotional products will keep your business branding at the forefront of people’s minds. You never know, a visitor may take a pen home and your company logo will be accessible to more people, some of who might need your product or services in the future.

Top stationery products

  • Pens – A promotional pen is an economical choice of promotional stationery. As pens are inexpensive to buy and easy to distribute, your business message will go a long way for a small amount of money. bmt Promotions branded pens are made from plastic, metal, wood, carbon fibre and recycled Your business logo can be printed on the barrel of the pen in full colour print for a vibrant giveaway at exhibitions.

  • Pencils – Our writing pencils are perfect for the office desk and noting ideas. We also have a branded colouring pencil range that can keep little ones entertained on days when they are in the office with their parents. Our eco-friendly pencils are made from recycled plastic and paper.

  • Notepads – Having a promotional notepad on your desk is a necessity. There are always ideas to jot down, telephone numbers to inscribe and doodles to draw when you’re on a call. Our notepads come in a range of sizes and your business logo can fit anywhere on the page or, be watermarked across the sheets.

  • Sticky Notes – Our sticky notes range are a real promotional favourite thanks to their great value for money and branding opportunities. They’re available in a range of colours and sizes. Each pad contains 50 sheets of self-adhesive notes glued to a backing sheet.

  • Highlighters and Markers – Our top-quality highlighters and marker pens are the perfect tool to emphasise your business notes. The printable plastic surface on our highlighters and markers is ideal for full colour printing to a large surface or equally suited to a spot colour design.

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