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All businesses need to advertise. Not all businesses have a huge marketing budget. Sending out promotional products to current and prospective customers can work for you, no matter how big a budget you can administer, and this kind of advertising with have more of a profound effect than a standard business card.

Small businesses marketing campaigns

For small businesses looking to drum up new clientele, a small promotional gift posed to your targeted potential customers is going to make a large impact. The branded gift does not have to break the bank. Cost-effective, eye-catching promotional products include, stress shapes, pens, keyrings and balloons. You could send out one of these promotional items emblazoned with your company logo alongside a leaflet explaining your business – maybe even include a little discount offer for new customers. If your budget was a little larger, you could package up numerous promotional items into a branded gift bag to send to possible new customers. All of these promo items are useful and would hang around the office/salon/shop/chemist for a long while, creating brand awareness for your company every time someone sees the products.

What types of products could a small business send?

Some examples of types of promotional products different business brands could send to potential customers are:

  • Hair Salon – Promotional Combs, a branded blow up balloon with a discount code printed on it.

  • Bakeries – Cake shaped stress ball with full colour printed logo, branded selection box of biscuits.

  • Swimming Clubs – Branded waterproof bags, swimming caps and towels.

Large businesses marketing campaigns

Large businesses tend to have much more cash to spend on marketing their company. They can advertise on TV, Radio, Newspapers and Online fairly easily. They still need to invent attention-grabbing campaigns to stay noticed and remain a thriving business. Sending promotional items to current customers keeps the businesses name within the heads of the recipients,and in turn the recipients are likely to keep buying from the business. With larger businesses, and more money, the promotional gift budget can also be raised. Gifts and giveaways can include, branded high quality golf umbrellas, promotional power banks, and giftsets such as top end pens and quality clothing.

What types of products could a large business send?

Some examples of types of promotional products big businesses could send out to their current and potential new customers:

  • Call Centres – Branded pens, notepads, coasters and phone case holders. All of these items are handy and will remain around the office for some time, where people can see your company branding.

  • ConstructionCompanies – Branded hard hat stress shapes, promotional digger toys, branded t-shirts with the company logo printed.

  • Technology Companies – Branded wireless power banks. Branded laptop accessories.

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