Latte Levy and the Knock on Effect for Reusable Coffee Cups


Around 2.5 billion single use coffee cups are thrown away each year in the United Kingdom, of which 1 in 400 are recycable. MP’s have recently refused to back a proposal known as the ‘latte levy’ of 25p per cup, instead they have suggested that retailers should encourage consumers to utilise re-usable coffe cups by offering them a discoutn on the price of their hot drink, when opting for a re-usable cup.

Pressue is now building on the big brands to make a change. Costa Coffee has recently commited to recylcing half a billion cups per year, and Starbucks have pledged 7 million pounds to develop a fully recyclable cup. Independantly owned café chain Boston Tea Party has raised the bar significantly by implementing a total ban on dispoable coffee cups (effective from June 1st 2018).

We have experience a dramatic interest recently in re-usable coffee cups, from customers who are wanting to increase their brand exposure in an eco-friendly way. They are a fantastic item to giveaway to your customers, and ensures your brand will be seen every day be it on the way to work, university or even the gym. Branded re-usable coffee cups offer a larger print area, are a high quality product and will last for a long time.

The popular image of people walking around towns & cities with disposable coffee cups in their hands, could soon be replaced by re-usable coffee cups if the 25p ‘latte levy’ tax is introduced. What a great sight it would be for coffee drinkers to be seen walking around with your logo on their re-usable cups.

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