Keep Your Next Marketing Campaign Fresh With Promotional Breath Mints


Breath mints are one of bmt Promotions most popular confectionary promotional products. They can be delivered in a variety of colourful and quirky tins and boxes that can have your business logo emblazoned all over the packaging. Mints are a fantastic little giveaway at exhibitions and open days and wherever the tin is popped open, your logo has the ability to be discovered by many.

Where did the breath mint come from?

You may be wondering where the breath mint originated and how did it become so popular? Well, the breath mint was invented by the Ancient Egyptians, who knew?

The first breath mint was made up of a combination of frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon and honey. These ingredients were boiled, rolled into small pellets and placed in the mouths of the dead before they were mummified to reduce the odour of rotting teeth.

Other ingredients were utilised to reduce the smell of peoples bad breath before any components of the mint plant was introduced, including aniseed, parsley and cardamom seeds.

The introduction of mint

Oil from mint plants were introduced as a breath freshener in 1790 and a mint lozenge made by Altoid was created. Mints made from peppermint oil were sold in the UK during the Victorian era and were generally made with mint and boiled sugar.

The perfect mint

In the 1950’s the mint as we know it today was invented. Boiled sugar and mint was not keeping the breath fresh for long enough so the ingredients copper gluconate and cottonseed oil were added. This made the minty freshness more long-lasting and was super portable too in small tablet formations.

Promotional mints

Promotional mints are widely used as a small gift in a bespoke gift bag at events or on the counter in a café for customers to take. The packaging that the mint can be wrapped in can have a full colour print of a business logo, generating brand awareness for the company giving them away.

At bmt Promotions we offer a range of mints (all vegan) and different styles of packaging to suit each company’s needs including: tubing, paper packaging and recycled plastic packaging in many shapes and sizes.

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