Keep Your Customers Sweet With Promotional Confectionery


Promotional confectionery is a delicious way to connect with potential or existing customers. Branded sweet treats can sometimes be overlooked as a promotional product but, here are 5 reasons why confectionery is the right product for your next marketing campaign:

A great introduction

When trying to increase your client base a kind gesture can go a long way. Confectionery is a gift that makes people feel happy and is an appreciated present. Giving promotional confectionery will show that your company cares about its clients and offers a positive first impression.

Diverse range

Bmt Promotions have numerous types of sweets, chocolates, mints and biscuits so, we can guarantee there is a promotional confectionery product for your brand. We have a wide variety of sweet treats waiting to be branded with your businesscolours and logos including seasonal products. We have specific products dedicated to Christmas, Easter and St Valentines Day and many other special occasions. We can even design and produce bespoke chocolates shaped to your business logo!

They’re a portable promotional product

Confectionery can come in many forms such as: large jars of sweets to bespoke chocolate bars to small mint tins. With many small, portable items available, the products are simple to transport to events or meetings and distribute out to people. With these smaller products you can create the maximum effect without struggling to haul large, heavy confectionery items.

Cost-effective items

There are many ways to use promotional confectionery. Your business could be sending a one-off gift of a branded Easter egg to a client or, investing in a bulk order of promotional mint tins to see a marketing campaign through for a year.  Promotional confectionery creates brand awareness for all businesses, no matter what your budget is. They are a low-cost item and are the perfect budget friendly sweet treat to help market and promote your business effectively.

A wonderful ‘Thank-You’

Thanking your existing customers for their support is always advantageous. Sending out afree, thank you gift in the post, is a fantastic way to make your clients feel valued. It shows them that you’re grateful for their continued custom, and could potentially create furtherorders for your business. Within retail outlets, handing out some delicious promotional candies to your customers demonstrates how important they are to your business and adds a distinctive touch. It is also an opportunity to get customers talking about your business, and recommending the company to family and friends.

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