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People love to receive gifts, especially when they aren’t expecting it! Target your audience with the right promotional product & you could see significant return on investment.

Promotional Products are most commonly used in one of two ways:

As a ‘random act of kindness’

This sent or given to the customer unexpectedly, this has the potential to make the customer feel valued and therefore, engenders loyalty (more chance of repeat purchases and increases the chance of word of mouth recommendation).

As an ‘ethical hook’

Once they have expressed an interest in the service you are offering, in exchange for their contact details, give them something with useful content which can help the recipient straight away. The promotional item has to be correctly targeted, otherwise you risk brand damage by providing something potentially useless.

Majority of business owners & marketeers will have made a plan as to how they will raise the profile of their business. It is highly likely, that when making this plan they will have been surrounded by a range of branded items, most probably with other companies identity. A branded coffee mug on the desk, with the local electricians company details. A branded pen with car leasing firm etc.

You may have thought of buying promotional items branded with your company’s logo, we are approached by many people who get to this point & are unsure of what items to go for, as the ‘standard’ items such as pens, mousemats, keyrings are not suitable for what you are trying to achieve.

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Try to think of items that you would genuinely like to receive. If you would like it, then it is fair to say someone else would too. Consider your target market and/or the campaign you are conducting, but make it something you’d be happy to be given. Choose a promotional product that matches the brand, the campaign and something you’d love to receive and you’re onto a winner.

For example, if your product/service was aimed at pet dogs, a promotional frisbee, toy, or even food bowl would be a great way of placing your brand in front of potential & existing customers.

“Why spend my budget on Promotional Products, when it can be better spent on other forms of advertising?”

One of the most significant findings of a recent BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) survey is that promotional merchandise can deliver a higher return on investment (ROI) than radio and outdoor advertising and an ROI that is equal to TV and print advertising.

The BPMA survey found that 79% of respondents said they were likely to do business with the company in the future, with 8 out of 10 (84 per cent) respondents stating that a branded promotional gift increased brand awareness.

We supply a wide range of promotional items, not just your standard items such as pens & mousemats. We have provided branded rubber ducks (targeted campaign relating to …’get your ducks lined up…’), USB flashdrives in the shapes of poker chips (& many other shapes) bespoke branded clothing, custom made pin badges & many other items which help make our customers brand stand out.

We would love to help you with ideas for your next campaign or event, call us for a chat on 01933 409489 or email us

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