How We Market Our BMT Promotions Brand


Marketing your brand can be a tricky thing to do. You need a budget and marketing your product or services without a generous sum of money can prove difficult. You need as many people to see what you do, show them how good your product or service is and get them to buy it!

Innovative ideas need to be constantly flowing within your company to keep your marketing campaigns fresh, exciting and enticing for the consumer.

Promotional products are a fantastic way to market your brand. Whatever your budget, there is a branded product that every business can afford that will get your business name seen in a quirky and unique way.

Marketing our brand

At bmt Promotions we have regular brain storming sessions where our team get together and consider which of our products we wish to focus on and which businesses to target with a marketing campaign. This year we have 5 different marketing campaigns and strategies that we wish to implement throughout the year to see how much business we can generate. Marketing our business is time consuming but it’s a truly enjoyable task.

A recent marketing exercise by bmt Promotions

At bmt Promotions we sell promotional products for other businesses to market their brand but, we also send them out ourselves. It really is the best way to advertise yourselves!

For a recent marketing campaign have identified 100 companies that we would love to work with. We have sent the marketing manager of each of these fabulous businesses a striking, bright red envelope full of promotional products adorned with the bmt Promotions logo. Each of the branded items that we have sent have been carefully selected. The items are eye-catching and useful to both the recipient and their audience too. We’ve sent the promotional items in the hope to hear from the recipients, with a view to them ordering some equivalent products for their events and customers.

The branded items that we have sent to customers are:

  • Marketing leaflet – explaining who we are and how we can help them.
  • Notepad
  • Pen
  • Lipbalm
  • Mints
  • Phone Screen Cleaner
  • Sunglasses
  • Cotton shopper bag

Say more, be more

On each of the promotional items that have been sent out we have added our slogan ‘Say more, be more’. At bmt Promotions we believe that businesses can use promotional products to ‘say more’ about their brand and, with their marketing success they will ‘be more’ in the process. We also use the hashtag #saymorebemore on our social media pages so please, give us a follow!

Alongside trying to entice people to purchase their promotional products from us by sending them these fantastic product-filled packs, we also want to highlight to the marketing teams that our slogan is ‘Say more, be more’.

We want this slogan, as well as our company name, to become more visible to the public. We want the next time somebody sees ‘Say more, be more’ after receiving their promotional gift, on social media or at an exhibition,to know that it’s about us – bmt Promotions – the Promotional Products specialists.

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