Holiday Promotional Products To Gift To Your Employees


Its holiday season and time for some of your employees to have a well-earned break. Some will choose to holiday in the UK, some around Europe or even farther afield, across the globe.

Whilst your employees are enjoying the sights of Cornwall, the beaches in Miami or walking beside the Danube let them take with them a little piece of your business. I don’t mean a folder full of work, that would be cruel, but perhaps some promotional items that they can use whilst they’re away and help build your business brand too.

Which items should I give?

Think holiday clothing essentials;

Each of these items, with your business logo printed onto it, will be seen by many holiday makers from across the globe which could potentially bring business that you wouldn’t have thought to advertise for with online adverts.

Keep your adverting simple on holiday items. Your business name, telephone number and email address is suffice along with a basic tagline that shows what product you’re selling or service you provide.

If you are in the business of replacing windows and a couple relaxing on the beach see someone wearing flip-flops that’s adverting the service, it may jog their memory to get their windows fixed and give you a call when they’re back to reality at home.

Other items to promote yourselves

Other items that holiday makers need include:

  • Tote Bag for their beach clobber
  • Beach ball for playing with the kids by the sea
  • Power bank for charging whilst you’re outside of your hotel
  • Battery fans for scorching days.

Each of these items can be branded with your business logo in full colour with the style font to suit your requirements. The colours of your company brand can be Pantone matched to co-ordinate with yours for a professional look.

For further information on promotional holiday essentials head to our website.

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