Help the Environment with Promotional Plastic Alternatives


In the past few months, the media have been discussing the urgent need to reduce the worlds plastic usage, as recently, photographic images have been exposed of plastic bottles, bags, and beads floating around in our oceans, killing wildlife and destroying habitats.

Many companies and public members are making a pledge to stop buying and selling disposable, non-recyclable plastic in order to do their bit for the world’s seas and wildlife. Included in this pledge is an aim to reduce the use of items such as throwaway water bottles, un-recyclable food packaging and some plastic marketing materials they may currently be using. Numerous businesses are starting to look for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Here are some promotional items to help your customers on their way to a disposable plastic-less future with the help of your brand:

Try a different material

Instead of the common plastic branded USB flash drives, keyrings, and pens, alternative materials that bmt Promotions produce for our customers are made of metal, rubber and recycled wood.

There are many disposable plastic products that we use today including plastic cutlery, cups and bags that could all be traded in for an eco-friendly alternative. Exchanging branded plastic cups and cutlery, when you’re having a business banquet with your customers, for branded ceramic or enamel mugs and silverware will reduce the need for unwanted plastic rubbish that’s starting to pile up on the world’s beaches.

Many of the UK’s shops are starting to ban the plastic bag, or at the very least, charging you a few pence if you do need one. Why not hand out to your employees and customers a branded hessian bag emblazoned with your logo? Your customers and staff will be reusing their bags when they’re hitting the shops and creating brand awareness whilst helping the environment.

You CAN still use plastic

There is a lot of plastic in the world waiting to be recycled and changed into something new. Reusable branded plastic water bottles and coffee cups are fast becoming two of bmt Promotions most popular eco-friendly items. Some of our customers have chosen to add their company logo to one of our many stylish plastic reusable bottles or coffee cups, then they’re distributing these to their customers to show them that they’re pledging to help the environment and, asking them not to use disposable plastic too!

There are so many ways to help the environment and get your logo seen in the process. Get in touch with us for more ideas.

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